Headset Adapter 3.5mm 4-Cond Female Jack to 3-Cond Male Plug (P/N CRD-LRG)

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Converts 4-Conductor 3.5mm Plug to 3-Conductor Plug

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Part No.: CRD-LRG

4-Pin Female Jack TRRS to 3-Pin 3.5mm Male Plug Headset Adapter

Convert 4-Conductor Audio Plugs to Work with 3-Conductor Audio Jacks

This adapter is very similar to our UNC-LRG, however it has a short flexible cord between the 4-conductor female jack and the 3-conductor male plug


Part No.: CRD-LRG

4-Pin Female Jack TRRS to 3-Pin 3.5mm Male Plug Headset Adapter

3.5mm TRRS Female jack to 3.5mm TRS Male Plug Cord Style Adapter

This Headset Adapter is a 3.5mm 4-Pin Female TRRS to 3-Pin Male TRS Plug very similar to the UNC-LRG

This CRD-LRG has a flexible cord betweent the plug and jack and the UNC-LRG is a short solid adapter.

Imagine that you are plugging in your iPhone headset into your stereo system, and find that you have to jocky the plug so it does not go fully into the jack in order to get the sound to come out of your earphones properly. The problem is that you may be trying to plug your 4-conductor headset into a 3-conductor jack.

Another problem some run into: You plug your headset into the audio jack and find that the sound only works correctly if you press the push-button on your headset. Most likey in this situation, the jack contact inside is making contact with the 4th conductor sleeve instead of the 3rd conductor ground. Our adapter should resolve this issue. (Download a drawing that explains "Why You Must Press on the Headset Button for Audio")

Most stereo devices, including an iPod, MP3 Players, Disc Players, Stereo Radios, etc. have a 3.5mm female jack that is made to accept a 3-conductor plug (with two black rings). Note: The 3.5mm plug is a standard size sub-miniature audio plug that is the same as 1/8-inch in size. This type of plug is known in the audio industry as TRS for "Tip Ring Sleeve". The tip is hot and carries one channel of the stereo audio. The Ring refers to the middle section of the plug and that carries the other channel of the stereo audio. The Sleeve is the ground return needed to complete the audio circuit.

Most headsets have a built-in microphone and pushbutton switch, so they need an extra connection on the plug. The 4-conductor plug of a headset is referred to as TRRS for "Tip Ring Ring Sleeve". In order to mate your TRRS headset (with its 4-conductor plug) to a TRS jack stereo device, you need our TRRS to TRS adapter. Without this adapter, you will find that you can use the earpiece, but you have to keep the plug from entering into the jack all the way. By holding it so that it is just slightly out of the jack, you are helping the TRRS connections to mate properly with the internal jack parts so that you can hear the sound from your stereo device.

We sell the adapter that will enable you to use your favorite headset earphone with nearly all stereo audio devices, by converting the 4 conductor TRRS 3.5mm plug to a 3 conductor TRS plug that is standard to most stereo devices. This adapter is a short cord with a 4-conductor female jack on one end, and a 3.5mm 3-conductor stereo plug on the other end. Just plug your headset into the adapter, and then plug the adapter into your stereo equipment. The microphone and push-button switch will not do anything, but you will hear the music properly with the plug pushed all the way into the jack.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Scan Sound
Color Black
Cable Length 3-inches (8cm)
Compatibility Stereo
Packaging Re-Closable Bag
Plug Type Nickel-plated 3.5mm 3-Conductor Male Plug

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  • Adobe Acrobat Document TRRS Plug in a TRS Jack Size: (423.28 KB)
    This illustration shows what happens when you try to use a 4-conductor (TRRS) plug in a 3-conductor (TRS) jack, and why you get sound when pulling the plug out slightly.
  • Adobe Acrobat Document 4-Cond to 3-Conductor Adapter Connection Details Size: (333.3 KB)
    Details of the TRRS-to-TRS connections for our 4-conductor to 3-conductor adapters. Shows American Headset Jack (AHJ) and OTMP wiring conventions.
  • Adobe Acrobat Document Why You Must Press on the Headset Button for Audio Size: (119.67 KB)
    PDF drawing shows the internal wiring connections for TRRS 4-conductor headset plugs and how the TRRS-to-TRS adapter enables you to restore the audio.