Headset Adapter 3.5mm 4-Pin Female TRRS to 3-Pin Male TRS Plug

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Headset Adapter Converts 4-Pin to 3-Pin 3.5mm Plug

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3.5mm 4-conductor to 3-conductor Adapter - P/N UNC-LRG

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Audio Adapter accepts 3.5mm 4-Pin Plug and Converts to 3-Pin Male Plug

iPhone Headset Adapter Enables 4-pin Male TRRS 3.5mm plug to be used with 3-pin TRS Jack Audio Equipment

iPhone headset to headphone Adapter, 3.5mm TRS Male to 3.5mm TRRS 4 conductor Female.

This 3.5mm Adapter accepts headsets with a 4-pin male plug and the 3-pin plug of the adapter will go into standard stereo equipment so that the headset can hear the audio from an iPod, MP3 player, laptop, tablet, radio, mixer, iPad, and many other kinds of stereo audio devices that typically accept a 3.5mm 3-conductor plug. Many Android devices will not accept an iPhone headset because they are not configured to accept the TRRS configuration, so this adapter will often resolve that issue.

Symptom that occurs when using your headset earphone with stereo audio devices:

You are trying to use your headset with a stereo audio device (such as an MP3 player). You find that inserting the plug all the way into the jack prevents the sound from coming through loud and clear. You pull the plug out of the jack slightly and then the audio comes through loud and clear. Once you push the plug in all the way, the sound cuts out again, but pulling the plug out slightly seems to make the audio come through perfectly.

There is nothing wrong with your headset earphone and the problem is actually a mis-match between your 4-conductor headset earphone and the jack in your MP3 player. Most stereo audio devices are designed to accept a 3-pin male plug with a 3.5mm (1/8-inch) size plug. So when try to plug in a 4-conductor headset earphone into your 3-conductor jack, it fails to mate properly with the internal audio connections for the left and right audio channels. Our adapter will conver the 4-conductor plug to plug into the 3-conductor jacks.

Audio Adapter accepts 4-conductor (3-ring) 3.5mm plug, and has a 3-conductor (2-ring) plug to go into your standard stereo audio devices. This will enable you to use iPhone compatible headsets with iPod and other types of MP3 players and audio devices.

Converts 3.5mm 4-conductor TRRS to 3-conductor TRS connector so you can use your earphone headset with stereo audio devices.

Here is the configuration of the connection:

4-Conductor Jack - to 3-Conductor Plug
Tip > connects to < Tip
Ring > connects to < Riing
Ring > connects to < Sleeve
Sleeve not connected

NOTE: This adapter is NOT designed for use with home telephone systems or home cordless telephones.

NOTE: Be sure to push your earphone plug in fully so there is no gap between the plug and the adapter. The earphone plug will snap, and the plug will rest flush against the gold surface of the adapter when it is fully engaged. See Picture showing the fully seated plug.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Scan Sound
Color Black
Compatibility Headsets with 4-Cond Male Plug
Packaging Re-Closable Bag

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  • Adobe Acrobat Document TRRS Plug in a TRS Jack Size: (423.28 KB)
    This illustration shows what happens when you try to use a 4-conductor (TRRS) plug in a 3-conductor (TRS) jack, and why you get sound when pulling the plug out slightly.