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International Shipping Now Available!

We have partnered with Bongo International to service our customers Worldwide!

Bongo International provides our customers with their very own US address. Once you have a US address, you will be able to make purchases with us as well as other US based online retailers. Bongo receives your purchases and logs them into their online system which you can use to view your items and consolidate them with multiple orders.

International customers can save up to 82% off typical international shipping rates by following these four easy steps:

  1. Register with Bongo and receive a U.S. shipping address.
  2. Enter the Bongo address as both your billing and shipping address.
  3. Use the credit card that you have on file with Bongo as the payment method.
  4. Once the order arrives at Bongo, log into your account to forward to your country

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How long will it take before my order is shipped?

We fill most orders one day after the orders are received. If you need something expedited or sent out the same day, please contact us via telephone to alert us to your needs.You may Phone us at 1-866-722-6763 or (954) 425-0199. All items shown on the web site are maintained in stock at all times at levels that are sufficient to fill both small and large orders.

When a shipment takes place, an automated shipment notification goes out to the customer to let them know that the item has been shipped, and an expected delivery date is conveyed via email at that time. Your email address is only used to maintain communications between Scan Sound and you, the customer. Scan Sound Inc. never shares any email addresses with marketing firms or outside companies. We hate spam just as much as you do.

MRI Stereo System Kits may take 5 to 10 business days to prepare for shipment, as the cables are custom cut to your specifications and all items are prepared with labels to ensure that the installation goes well. Each MRI Stereo Kit is assembled and bench tested to ensure that the system will be in excellent condition when it is first installed and turned on. Our quality control personnel are generally able to catch any problem prior to shipment, so we hope you will be patient as your system is properly tested and inspected prior to shipment.

Does your company accept Purchase Orders?

Scan Sound, Inc. will accept Purchase Orders from businesses. Most of our business comes from sales to other businesses, many of whom prefer to pay for their good through purchase orders. The process takes a bit longer, but we will allow your business to pay us Net-14 if you will fax your complete order to (954) 827-2408 complete with a cover page which states that you are willing to pay Scan Sound, Inc. within 14 days of receiving the goods that you are ordering. Your purchase order should contain contact information for the person who is responsible for ordering and payment, including an email address that we may use to send you shipment tracking information and your invoice. If you do not have a formal Purchase Order, you can supply your order on company letterhead. Telephone verification of your order will take place prior to any shipment. Scan Sound. Scan Sound reserves the right to refuse any purchase orders.

Can I Obtain a Taxpayer Identification Form W-9 from Scan Sound, Inc.?

Yes, we have an online method of requesting our W-9 Taxpayer Identification Form. Just go to the shopping cart home page.

How Much are the Shipping Charges?

You can easily determine the shipping charges right from the Scan Sound web site, completely on your own. Just place the item(s) into the shopping cart. You can then proceed as though you were about to make a purchase by clicking on the Check Out option. Before you have to actually pay for the items, you will be asked to fill in your Name and Address information. All the information that you fill in is secure and confidential, and will only be used to assist you with obtaining the shipping options and pricing. If you would like to purchase the item(s) from Scan Sound, you will be able to check out and select a form of payment at that time.

Please note that the cost for shipping includes a $3.00 processing fee, which is charged to Scan Sound by a Third-Party Fulfillment Company to cover the cost of pulling the item(s) from the correct bin, packaging the items for shipment and the associated packing materials. We utiilize a Shopping Cart Shipping Calculator to determine the actual shipping amount, based on the weight of the items and address where the item(s) will be received so that the total for shipping and handling comes to the rate we will be charged by the freight company plus the $3.00 processing fee charged by the Fulfillment Company. If you feel the cost of the shipping and handling is incorrect for the goods being shipped, please contact Scan Sound by filling out a Customer Service Request Form so that we can evaluate the actual cost and make an adjustment if there is an error made by the shipping calculator.

Can I Obtain a Quotation?

You can easily obtain a quotation and print it out right from the Scan Sound web site, completely on your own. Just place the item(s) into the shopping cart as though you would like to make a purchase. You can then proceed by clicking on the Check Out option. Before you have to actually pay for the items, you will be asked to fill in your Name and Address information. All the information that you fill in is secure and confidential, and will only be used to assist you with obtaining your quotation or to check out if you later decide to make a purchase. As one of the payment options, you will see the option to "Create an Invoice". Instead of making a payment, it will enable you to print out the resulting quotation complete with your selected shipping and handling amount so that you may submit it to your supervisor for approval. If you would like to purchase the item(s) from Scan Sound, please log back in using the Username and Password that was used to create your Invoice. You will be able to check out and select a form of payment at that time.

What is an MRI Patient Stereo Sound System?

The patient stereo system kits offered by Scan Sound, Inc. have been optimally designed to comfort patients during Magnetic Resonance Imaging scans. Patients can listen to clear, tranquil, stereo music and are thereby able to tune-out the sounds and environment of the closed-in space they are lying in. Our objective is to assist MRI facilities with comforting patients while increasing their overall patient throughput. Adding an MRI patient stereo has typically improved the MRI facility's marketability by enabling it to increase its referral base; all of which pays for the system many times over.

MRI Patient Stereo Systems Key Features

Unlike some other MRI music systems, Scan Sound audio is true stereo sound, translating to a more spatial feeling in the patient headphones, and this helps to impart an open spacious feeling in the patient's comfortable pneumatic headphones. As you know, some patients have a difficult time tolerating the loud gradient knocking sounds and the closed-in feeling within the magnet. Those who listen to the stereo music usually have a more positive feeling; thereby reducing aborted scans and increasing patient referrals.

Very high quality sound reproduction is possible due to a new type of Scan Sound, Inc. transducer that converts perfectly matched stereo audio to the headphones adjacent to the magnet without any effect on the scan. The stereo headphones, which have sanitary/disposable foam eartips, are invisible to the scan and can be worn in head and body studies.

Speakers outside of the scan room provide the technologists with rich audio, and the level of sound heard by the technologist is completely independent from the sound levels being heard by the patient.

The system enables the operator to easily control the stereo sound levels to the patient. This unit is equipped with a microphone and audio level controls for convenient operation and total communication to the patient's headphones.

Although Scan Sound stereos kits are sophisticated in design, they are extremely easy to install and operate. Each modular component has been carefully chosen to provide reliable, high quality stereo music. You will take pride in this exceptional addition to your facility!

Will the Patient Stereo be Compatible with Our MRI System?

Most MRI systems have a set-up panel, which allows the stereo signals to be passed electrically into the scan-room through spare BNC connectors. The audio is a low-level signal, which should not introduce interference to the scans when connected this way. This method allows the optimum transfer of high quality sound to the patient's plastic headphones. Extra BNC connectors and RFI filters are available from Scan Sound, if required.

If your system is not equipped to enable the sound to be electrically coupled via direct wiring or the above described connector panel, the audio may be driven through plastic tubes that can be placed in waveguides going directly to the patient. It is recommended that you fill out a custom cabling Evaluation Form (available online) to assist with appropriate installation planning.

All systems are sold in kit form and come with well-written, fully illustrated instructions that help to simplify the installation. Scan Sound, Inc. encourages you to install the system yourself, and will provide necessary telephone technical support if required.

Why does it Make Sense to Install a MRI Patient Stereo System?

Patients often need comforting and reassurance in order to be placed in the bore of an MRI scanner for a lengthy period of time. Those patients who don the stereo headphones, willingly lie down and hold still for longer periods of time. Our sound system purchasers consider the image quality improvements from a motionless patient, time saved that is spent trying to convince the hesitant patient, and the reduction in aborted scans to be well worth the expense. You will agree too, because this means capturing lost scan time and patient revenue.

Most M.R.I. Scanners produce annoyingly loud gradient knocking sounds. Although these sounds cannot be drowned out completely, the music can be adjusted to a comfortable listening level thereby reducing the annoyance.

Many borderline claustrophobic patients are more likely to go through with the scan when listening to stereo music, because the stereo sound creates a feeling of spaciousness and truly helps to overcome their feelings of being closed-in. Patients are more likely to tolerate the scans without movement, resulting in better image quality. Less time will be spent trying to coax patients into going through with their scan. This all translates to a savings of time, and helps to easily pay for the stereo system within a very short period of time. In general, all patients will walk away from the scan with a pleasant attitude, which will surely get back to your referring physicians.

Make your patients feel comfortable while you insure that they go through with the scan... that's the bottom line!

How Does the MRI Patient Stereo System Work?

The patient wears a plastic headphone, which is lightweight and comfortable. It provides stereo music, which is sent into the shielded room electronically. The electrical impulses are converted to audio with exceptionally full-bodied high-quality STEREO sound using a professionally engineered Patient Acoustic Interface. The two channels of audio, which make up the stereo sound, help patients to overcome the sensation of Claustrophobia.

Do you have a Stereo Kit for My MRI Facility Outside of North America?

We have Kits that have been designed for International Installations, called our MRI Patient Stereo Builder's Kit. These kits can easily be adapted to work with just about any Low-Level music source. If you have "Tape Out" or "Line Out" jacks on the back of your music source, you will find the Stereo Builder's Kit will work for you.

What are the MRI Patient Stereo Headphones Like?

The headphones selected by Scan Sound have been found to be the most comfortable type of plastic headphone commercially available. The plastic pneumatic stethoscope-style headphones can be easily worn in all coils and the sanitary disposable foam eartips comfortably fit right into the ear. They are comfortable to wear and the foam eartips can be easily changed between patients.

Alternatively, Scan Sound offers a Noise Reduction Headphone that cups the outer portion of the ear to help reduce the high levels of noise that are generated by the MRI scanner during the scanning sequences. The Noise Reduction Headphones have foam inside to help reduce the noise levels further, and eartips inside the headphone direct the audio directly to the patient's ears. Stretchable sanitary covers (available from Scan Sound) can be placed over these headphones to minimize the transfer of bacteria from patient to patient.

What are the MRI Patient Stereo Listening Options?

Most patients will enjoy listening to an FM stereo station, which is easily selected for their preferences. Unlike other MRI audio systems, Scan Sound systems provide patients with true STEREO sound, giving the patient a more spatial feeling; true stereo sound plays a key role in helping MRI patients to overcome their claustrophobia. The varieties of choices between music selections are virtually unlimited with the AM/FM/CD Player features. Some patients will feel more comfortable listening to CD's or MP3-Players that they have brought with them. An option is provided with our stereo systems that will enable an MP3-Player, such as an iPod®, to be connected and played through the Scan Sound MRI Stereo System.

What is the Scan Sound, Inc. Company History?

Scan Sound, Inc. has been shipping MRI Patient Stereo System Kits since 1986. Our own Engineer invented and built the very first stereo system designed for MRI patients, as he was trying to find a way to help patients overcome the claustrophobic effects of the MRI exam and improve patient throughput. Over the past twenty years, numerous quality improvements have been made. The company continues to support the original stereo systems, through upgrades, replacement parts, fresh headphones and eartips. Scan Sound has maintained a wonderful relationship with all its customers over the years. For more information on the MRI Stereo invention, click here.

Who will install the MRI Patient Stereo System?

You will choose who you prefer to install your patient stereo. Each system is sold in kit form and comes with an illustrated, well-written installation guide. Realistically, the pictorial diagrams will typically be all you need to easily complete the stereo hook-up. Each manual is custom written for your facility, enabling most individuals with a technical understanding of MRI system operation and safety, to easily complete the patient stereo sound system installation. There are a total of seven cables, and each cable is clearly labeled to show which ones run to the various system components, RF penetration panel and Patient Acoustic Interface.

If you would prefer to pay for an outside company to professionally install the system, rather than choose someone from your facility, we recommend that you try contacting a local Home Theater Installer or ask your MRI service engineer for his or her recommendations. Many of the MRI facilities have someone who handles technical issues, who can easily install the system. Scan Sound will be happy to help locate a dealer or installer for your area. Most installers will generally provide you with a quote for the installation based on the cost of travel to your facility, and the time involved to complete the work.

How long does the installation take?

An initial assessment of your facility and sound system positioning will have to be done first by filling out a Scan Sound "Installation Evaluation Form". This can be done by your MRI Site Engineer and/or by an individual familiar with MRI Systems and Stereo Hook-ups. Most system installations are completed within a 4-hour time period, depending upon the cabling requirements for each facility. A fully illustrated installation manual is provided along with pre-cut cables so that the job can be simplified.

What are the positioning requirements for the MRI Stereo?

A push-to-talk microphone is generally placed on or adjacent to the operator's console, and the Mini Hi-Fi stereo unit is set up nearby. The technologists will adjust the level of audio for the patient's preferences and talk to them over the microphone. Pushing down on a momentary talk button, or lifting the microphone up off the table may activate the microphone. The Stereo System is a bookshelf-size sound system with standard size modular components which can be easily positioned on a counter-top, shelf or in a stereo cabinet. The K-2000 Stereo is wafer thin and can actually be mounted on the wall to save space.

Is the system easy to operate?

Your technologists will find the system to be "User Friendly" and "Patient Friendly". The stereo will be their control center for setting the music level for comfortable patient listening and communications.

When the technologist speaks into the provided microphone, the technologist's voice is heard through the plastic headphones being worn by the patient inside the MRI scanner. The technologist should hear the patient's reply via the MRI system's existing intercom system.

What are the headphones like?

The headphones selected by Scan Sound have been found to be the most comfortable type of plastic headphone commercially available. Because they have sanitary disposable foam eartips that fit right into the ear, they are comfortable to wear and can be easily changed for optimal hygiene. The replacement Eartips can be procured from Scan Sound. Scan Soun also offers a Noise-Reduction MRI Headphone, which helps reduce the noise produced by the MRI Scanner and improves the overall music clarity.

What are the Technologist's listening options?

The level of sound heard by the operators is totally independent of the sound heard by the patient. The MRI Technologist can turn the sound all the way off, or turn it up to whatever level they choose, and yet the patient just hears the pre-set comfortable audio level in their own headphones. Scan Sound's headphones will not interfere with MRI imaging; the stethoscope style headphone easily fits within all coils. The Noise-Reduction Headphone may be too large for some head coils, but this depends upon the size of the patient's head and the various coils in use.

Will the stereo work in the shielded room in proximity to the high magnetic fields?

The Patient Audio Interface (or "PAI") has been professionally engineered to provide high quality audio even though it is located in close proximity to the high magnetic field. Most MRI magnets are shielded, to minimize any interaction to the PAI. It will be necessary to bring the electrical sound into the scan room from the outside. Each MRI system manufacturer has taken into account the necessity of bringing in signals from outside of the room using an electronic access panel called an RF Penetration Panel. Although the types of connectors may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, most use BNC connectors, and if needed, a pair of BNC Connectors can be purchased when ordering the stereo system kit. If wiring into the scan room does not seem possible, long plastic tubing is another option of sending an audio signal into the scan room by way of the waveguide. A questionnaire will be filled out at the time you place your order, to facilitate a successful installation.

What is the warranty, and who will service the system?

Each element of the patient stereo system has been very carefully chosen so that you will receive a quality-engineered sound system that should provide years of trouble-free service and flawless sound reproduction. The AM/FM/CD-Players made by Bose® and Brookstone are backed by their own one-year manufacturer's warranty. In most cases local service is available on that equipment. Scan Sound, Inc. offers a limited one-year warranty on the patient acoustic interface for 1-year, provided that proper care is taken to secure the box and ensure that the transducers are not overdriven. Scan Sound, Inc. will be happy to assist you with finding a local service facility in your area for any items that require service. Most replacement parts manufactured by Scan Sound, inc. can be procured by contacting the company.

Does Scan Sound offer Parts for Non Scan Sound MRI Stereo Systems?

Scan Sound Continues to Provide Support and Parts for many different types of Patient Stereo Sound Systems as a service to MRI Facilities around the world. Scan Sound has sold many of its systems through major manufacturers of MRI Systems as optional equipment, and continues to provide parts, technical support, manuals and supplies to the OEM Manufacturers who have purchased our systems.

Can We Obtain Sales Literature Online?

We have numerous documents that you can obtain online, such as:


Which Earpad Covers will Fit my Headphones?

To determine if our Earpads will fit your present headphone, take the existing foam cover off your headphone and either measure the inner diameter of the existing Earpad, or check the diameter of the piece it stretches around. Download and print our Earpad Specification Sheet and compare the size of your Earpads against those shown on the Spec Sheet. If you are unable to download and print the Spec Sheet, make a comparison against the sizes shown on our web page.

Can I pay for my order via credit card?

You may securely order Scan Sound products online and pay via credit card. All information provided is encrypted for your protection, and Scan Sound has a stringent privacy policy, which states that we will only use your contact information in order to fill your order and ensure proper delivery to you. You may call us at (954) 425-0199 if there are any questions regarding your payment. Purchase Orders and Requisitions may be faxed to Scan Sound, Inc. at (954) 827-2408.