Now you can easily replace old worn out foam microphone covers. Known as "windscreens" and "wind socks", these foam microphone covers are frequently used by professional audio engineers. They are often called "wind screens" because they literally screen out wind noise.

Windscreen Benefits

  • Reduce background noise, especially wind noise.
  • Reduce clicks, pops, hiss, wind as well as motion noises from microphone vocals
  • Make it clearer to hear words that begin with the letters "P", "B", "S" and "T"
  • Reduce unwanted background sounds
  • Maintain Effective Hygiene, to prevent the spread of germs, such as common cold, influenza and viruses from shared microphone covers
  • Many musicians use windscreens on small microphones for their musical instruments, such a guitars, drums, violins, harmonicas and all kinds of string and wind instruments.
  • Low Price with Higher Quality Foam

Call-Centers Can Benefit Greatly From Quality Replacement Headset Windscreens

  • Clear, concise speech can speed up orders and improve order accuracy. 
  • Our HM-5525 or HM-0525 headset size microphone windscreens will fit most headset sizes. 
  • Effective Hygiene
    • Replacing the windscreens between different users can minimize the transfer of germs, common cold and influenza. 
    • Reduce absenteeism by limiting the spread of the flu among those who share headsets.

Scan Sound also offers replacement Leatherette Headset Cushions and Headset Foam Earpads.

We have foam windscreen sizes that range from large Ball-Style Broadcast Microphones all the way down to the very small headset size foam covers. Please review our size comparison photo to compare the interior depth, diameter and physical sizes of the windscreens with items that you will readily find around your office or home.

We will be adding many more mike windscreens in the future, so if you don't see the size you are looking for, be sure to let us know so we can consider that for inclusion to our product line-up.

All our Microphone Windscreens come bagged with 2 Microphone Windscreens per Reclosable Poly Bag. So the prices that you see are for a pair of windscreens. So if you are buying 2 Each of the HM-5525, for example, you are actually getting 2 pairs and the each re-closable bag will have 2 windscreens inside.

Click HERE to download our complete microphone windscreen specification details in PDF format.

Additional Details About our Microphone Windscreens

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