Stereo-to-Mono Adapter

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Side View of S2828 Stereo (3-Conductor) to Mono (2-Conductor) Adapter

Quick Overview

Part No: S2828

Stereo-to-Mono Adapter

Adapter Enables 2-Conductor Plug (Mono) Earphones to Plug into Stereo Equipment

  • STEREO to MONO ADAPTER enables you to use an earphone or headphone with a 2-conductor 3.5mm male plug (single black band) with stereo devices, like an iPod, iPad, MP3 Player or CD Player that has a 3-conductor stereo 3.5mm jack
  • Mono Headphones and Earphones have a plug with 2 conductors and the plug will have one single black band separating the plug conductors (view examples of 2-Conductor MONO and 3-Conductor STEREO maile audio plugs)
  • Stereo headphones and earphones have a plug with 3 conductors, and their plug will have 2 black bands separating the plug conductors
  • This adapter is designed to facilitate a connection of the audio of a 2-conductor type plug so that it can be used in a stereo jack that accepts a 3-conductor plug
  • The S2828 adapter is not made to mix the audio of a stereo earphone together and is not a Mono-to-Stereo converter. If you use a stereo earphone with this adapter, you will only hear the right channel sound in your stereo earphone or headphone, not a mix of the left and right channels
  • Works with Standard Mono and Stereo Audio Plugs and 3.5mm Stereo Jacks (1/8-inch) - Most Commonly Used with Audio


Adapter for Mono Earphones to Connect to A Stereo Audio Jack - Part No. S2828

  • This adapter accepts a 2-Conductor (Mono) audio plug
  • The adapter has a 3-conductor male (Stereo) plug, that may be inserted your stereo devices, so you can use a mono headphone or earphone with your stereo audio equipment
  • Will enable you to hear both stereo audio channels of an iPod® with your mono earphone or mono headphone
  • Works with Stereo Equipment that has a 1/8" stereo jack (same as 3.5mm or sub-miniature stereo jack)
  • Use with mono earbuds and headphones having a standard 2-conductor 3.5mm (1/8-inch) male plug
  • Great with Stereo Radios, iPod, DVD Players and Computers - Listen with mono earphone or headphone
  • Wonderful for those who must use a Mono earbud or Mono Headphone with stereo audio devices
  • Allows you to hear all the audio combined so a single mono earphone will hear it all in one ear
  • The plug size is 3.5mm, and this is the same as the 1/8-inch size that is the industry standard for most headphones and earphones

Additional Information

Manufacturer Scan Sound
Model S2MA
Color Black
Plug Type Nickel-plated 3.5mm 3-Conductor Male Plug
Packaging Plastic Bag
Compatibility All Stereo Products

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