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1-BUD-Pro-Gold Single-Ear Stereo Earbud (White)

1-BUD-Pro-Gold Single-Ear Stereo Earbud (White)

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1-BUD-Pro-Gold single-ear stereo earbud (white) • Part No. 1-BUD-PRO-G

  • This 1-BUD® single-ear stereo earphone uses our patented technology to mix the Left and Right stereo channels into a single earbud earpiece.

  • The earbud is white colored and has a heavy duty flexible cord that is 4 feet long

  • Great sound clarity that produces nice highs and mid-range frequencies with a fair amount of bass emphasis 

  • 3-Conductor 3.5mm (1/8-inch) stereo plug enables earphone to be used with almost all audio devices

  • The 48-inch cord should easily reach from your pocket up to your ear without putting any strain on your ear

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1-BUD-Pro-Gold single-ear stereo earbud (white) • Part No. 1-BUD-PRO-G

1-BUD-Pro-Gold single-ear stereo earbud (white) is one of our Gold Series earphones with extremely durable cords. Our Gold-Series earphones have an added number of wire strands inside to give the cord better flexibility and durability so users can depend on the earphone to perform well when used on a daily basis.

Many will be surprised when they see a stereo plug on a single earbud earphone, and that is unique to our 1-BUD® design which combines the left and right stereo audio channels to hear all the music in one ear. The 3-conductor 3.5mm stereo plug is now highly polished with a micro-fine gold-plated surface. This helps to prevent oxidization and keep the sound static-free, even if the plug is twisted or rotated in the jack. The earphone ships with a special protective plastic cap to protect the gold-plated plug.

The 1-BUD-Pro-Gold is a newer version of our earlier 1-BUD-Pro. It is all white colored with silver trim. This single earbud model delivers slightly more Bass sound than the traditional 1-BUD Earphone. The 1-BUD-Pro-Gold Earphone ships with one size Medium silicone rubber eartip (on the earphone). For those who want to customize the earphone color or fit in their ear, we do offer a variety of eartip sizes and colors for the 1-BUD-Pro-Gold Earphone.

The 1-BUD design is an excellent solution for those with a Hearing Loss in one Ear. Those who suffer from Unilateral Hearing Loss, Meniere's Disease, Deafness in One Ear or Tinnitus often write to us to tell us how much they appreciate our 1-BUD earphones. The 1-BUD-Pro Earphone is also well suited for those who just want to use one earphone while keeping their other ear open to hear surrounding activities. Imagine being able to drive, bicycle, jog and work with only one earphone, but not miss any of the audio from your stereo audio source.

This unique single earbud earphone makes a great gift for friends and family members who enjoy walking, jogging, running, bicycling or just enjoy listening to music at work. The 1-BUD-Pro-Gold Earphone safely enables users to hear traffic, pedestrians and nearby vehicles by playing the music in one ear while keeping the other ear open to nearby activities. Many workers who are restricted to a single earpiece find the 1-BUD-Pro-Gold is the perfect solution.

This single ear style earphone eliminates the need for clumsy stereo-to-mono adapters. Our patented technology enables this earphone to mix the audio from stereo circuits without the short circuit that generally occurs with most adapters. Finally, you can hear stereo sound in one ear.

This single earbud solves your need for playing stereo music in one ear right from your iTunes program or favorite iPod MP-3 Player and you don't have to use any kind of conversion devices, mixing equipment or software dubbing programs. The 1-BUD-Pro-Gold Earbud Earphone is actually designed to combine the raw left and right stereo channels so all the music and sound can be heard in one ear.

The quality sound and sophistication of our Earphones is truly Impressive. Don't let our low price fool you. Unlike most of the companies you might buy earphones from, we design most of our own earphones and manufacture them to our own specifications, enabling us to sell them directly to customers online at reasonable prices. We have intentionally priced our earphones to make them affordable for our loyal users.

This earphone is compatible with Apple iPod® and most other MP-3 Players, CD Players, DVD Players, Laptops, Desktop Computers, Tape Recorders, Walkie Talkies, Tape Recorders and Audiophile Stereo Equipment, AM/FM Transistor Radios . The 4-foot long cord should enable you to reach from a pants pocket up to your ear.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Color White, Silver Trim
Audio Stereo/Mono
Earpieces 1
Style 1-BUD-Pro
Cord type Round TPE
Plug style 90-Degree Angle
Plug Type 3.5mm 3-Cond Stereo
Plug Plating Gold
Cable Length 48 in (1.22 m)
Packaging Reclosable bag
Impedance 16 Ohms
Noise Reduction Rating 20 dB
Eartip(s) 1 White Med Size Eartip
Fit Left or Right Ear
Extras No
Loudness 9
Highs 8
Bass 7
Driver Size 13mm
Compatibility Mono and Stereo
Frequency Response 20Hz to 20kHz
Warranty 90 Day Limited Warranty
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