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1-BUD Single-Ear Stereo Earbud (Tan)

1-BUD Single-Ear Stereo Earbud (Tan)

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1-BUD® single-ear stereo earbud (tan) • Part No. 1-BUD-S

  • This 1-BUD-S model earphone is an older model with our 1-BUD classic style earpiece

  • This earphone comes a white colored medium size eartip on the earphone

  • A newer model called the 1-BUD-Brown (part number 1-BUD-B) is now available with a more robust, highly flexible cord

  • Some customers really loved the sound quality of this earphone, so we are continuing to make them available at clearance pricing with a limited 30-day warranty

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1-BUD® single-ear stereo earbud (tan) • Part No. 1-BUD-S

This tan colored 1-BUD (version-2) single-ear stereo earphone was manufactured several years ago and we refer to the style of this earpiece as our "Classic" style. Some customers told us that they really loved the sound quality of the older classic earphones, and they are now only available in limited quantities with a special clearance price.

So you might ask… What's the difference between these older 1-BUD-S earphones and our newer 1-BUD-B models?  The older 1-BUD models were made with a plastic composite cord jacket. Some customers experienced problems with the cord becoming stiff and we suspected that the outer cord jacket was reacting to the user’s perspiration or skin oils. Only a handful of customers experienced this issue, however it was enough of a reason to modify the cord design. We then introduced our newer version gold-series earphones with an improved cord that is stronger, thicker and remains soft and very flexible. The newer 1-BUD-B earphones also feature gold-plated plugs which improved the plug connectivity and reduced the metal plug oxidization. As a result, our new models became known as our gold-series earphones. The coloring of the 1-BUD-B is slightly darker than the tan color of the 1-BUD-S, so that is how the newer earphone became known as the 1-BUD-Brown earphone.

The 1-BUD-S version-2 earphones will remain available for a limited amount of time so this would be a good time to take advantage of the clearance pricing. Since these earphones are considered a clearance item, they come with only a 30-day warranty, covering any material defects or damage in shipment.

Safely enjoy all the sound in one ear and you'll never miss a beat

  • The 1-BUD-S is a single-ear stereo earphone that utilizes patented technology, mixing the left and right audio channels together to hear both channels in one ear
  • This single earbud can be used with either stereo or mono devices because it mixes the sound electronically and does not short the channels together
  • No need for any adapters - just plug it into your iPod, iPad, laptop, MP3 player, disc player or your favorite radio
  • It is a very comfortable earphone with a flexible type of silicone rubber eartip
  • The 1-BUD-S single-ear stereo earphone is ideally suited for people with a unilateral hearing loss, or single-sided deafness
  • The 1-BUD-S  earphone has enabled so many people to finally hear all the sound from their iPod and MP3 players in a single earpiece
  • This product has been especially beneficial for those who may have lost the hearing in one ear or want to hear the music in only one ear
  • It has been very beneficial to those with hearing issues ranging from tinnitus, acoustic neuroma issues, surgery, hearing damage, hearing loss and issues that have resulted in only being able to hear music in one good ear
  • Our 1-BUD-S earphone makes it very easy for those who want to hear both channels of their audio equipment to hear the sound in a single-ear earphone
  • We recommend that you check out the entire family of our many different styles of single-ear earphones

Hear Both Stereo Channels in 1 Ear.

  • Compatible with stereo and mono devices
  • Tan colored earpiece and cord helps to camouflage the earbud, make the earphone less visible, use for surveillance, easier to hide your earphone and on the job when you would like your earphone to be less conspicuous
  • The 1-BUD model earphones are popular for those who have lost their hearing in one ear
  • Used frequently by runners, joggers, bicyclists and pedestrians who need to safely hear surrounding activities
  • Frequently ordered by workers at companies restricting earphones to 1 ear only
  • Makes a great gift for friends and family members
  • The 3.5mm 3-conductor stereo plug makes this earphone compatible with all MP3 Players including Sansa Clip
  • Works well with laptops, desktop computers, tablets, CD/DVD players, radios, cell phones, TV's and more

The 1-BUD classic shape is well suited for use with many audio players. The earphone silicone eartip fits naturally into the ear canal to provide a comfortable fit, sealing out nearby noise. This 1-BUD-S earphone works equally well with STEREO (three-conductor) and MONO (two-conductor) audio devices because of the stereo plug design and internal 1-BUD technology circuit.

This 1-BUD-S single-ear earphone is nearly identical to the black colored 1-BUD Classic, however the tan colored shell and cord and white silicone eartip can blend In with some skin tones to make it less visible.

All the sound may be heard in one earpiece without any clumsy adapters. The 1-BUD earphones were originally designed for people with hearing loss in one ear and have been especially beneficial to those with a unilateral hearing loss. The 1-BUD designed earphones have enabled many people to enjoy hearing mixed stereo sound from their iPod and MP3 players in a single earpiece. Many customers have praised how our 1-BUD earphones have helped them to use an earphone despite suffering from tinnitus, acoustic neuroma issues, surgery, hearing damage, hearing loss and injuries that have caused the loss of hearing in one ear. We now offer an entire family of patented 1-BUD single-ear earphones.

Makes a great gift for friends and family members who enjoy walking, jogging, running, bicycling or just enjoy listening to music at work. The 1-BUD-S earphone safely enables people with normal hearing to listen with one ear and keep their other ear open to hear traffic, pedestrians and nearby vehicles. Many workers who are restricted to a single earpiece find the 1-BUD earphones to be a perfect solution.

The silicone rubber eartip contains no latex materials and it helps to block out outside noise, earning the earbud a noise reduction rating of 29. This design is optimal for capturing the full spectrum of audio inside the ear. The Nickel-plated 90-degree angled plug makes continuous contact, contributing to the great sound quality!

Additional Information

Additional Information

Color Tan
Audio Stereo/Mono
Earpieces 1
Style 1-BUD Classic
Cord type Round PVC
Plug style 90-Degree Angle
Plug Type 3.5mm 3-Cond Stereo
Plug Plating Nickel
Cable Length 48 in (1.22 m)
Packaging Reclosable bag
Impedance 16 Ohms
Noise Reduction Rating 20 dB
Eartip(s) 1 White Med Size Eartip
Fit Left or Right Ear
Extras No
Loudness 10
Highs 9
Bass 7
Driver Size 13mm
Compatibility Mono and Stereo
Frequency Response 20Hz to 20kHz
Warranty 30 Day Limited Warranty
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