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20mm Large Earbud Foam Earpads, Bag of 100

20mm Large Earbud Foam Earpads, Bag of 100
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20mm large earbud foam earpads, bag of 100 • Part No. D-20MM

  • Each bag contains 100 individual 20mm foam earpads

  • The 20mm size earpads are larger than most earbud earphones, so it is best to compare the earpiece physical size using a ruler or a coin

  • The standard earbud earpiece size is 17mm, which is about the size of a dime coin

  • If your earpiece is closer to 20mm (size of a penny) then you should order the 20mm earpads

  • If your earpiece is closer to the size of a nickel coin, you may need our DFEP transcription style earpads

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20mm large earbud foam earpads, bag of 100 • Part No: D-20MM

  • These 20mm size earpads are larger than most earbud style earphones so we suggest comparing your earpiece diameter to a coin
  • Here are the typical earphone earpad sizes:
    • Standard size foam earbud earpads are 17mm in diameter (about the size of a dime coin)
    • Oversized earbud earphones might require the 20mm earpads (about the size of a penny coin)
    • Many transcription earphones require 22mm sized earpads that are about the size of a Nickel
  • Most earbud style earphones are typically 17mm and we would suggest the D-10 or D-10-20 foam earpads
  • We offer silicone rubber ear tips that fit onto the kind of earbuds are inserted into the ear canal
  • Our web site also offers foam and leatherette style earpads for earphones, headsets and headphones

Be sure to measure your earphones or compare the earpiece diameter with a coin

  • Place the coins on your Earbud and see which coin is closest in size to the diameter of the face of your earphone:
    • Penny size diameter - Order the D-20MM foam earpads
    • Dime size diameter - Order the D-10 foam earpads
    • Nickel size diameter - Order the DFEP transcription and dictation headphone earpads

The D-20MM foam earpads come in a plastic bag containing 100 individual foam earpads, enough for 50 pairs of earbuds
Also available in a bag of 20 individual earpads (part no. D20MM-20)

  • These foam earpads will enable most earphones to make a snug and comfortable fit in the ear
  • Earpads help most earphones to produce measurably better sound
    • The improved contact within the ear canal causes the sound to resonates with the bones in the ear
  • The foam earpads usually makes the earphones more comfortable and also helps to keep the earphone in place within the ear
Additional Information

Additional Information

Material Foam
Cover Quantity 100 earpads
Earpiece Size in Inches 13/16 inch
Earpiece Size in mm 20mm
Packaging Plastic bag

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