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25-foot Audio Extension Cable, 3.5mm-Male-to-Female, Stereo Extension

25-foot Audio Extension Cable, 3.5mm-Male-to-Female, Stereo Extension

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25-foot Audio Extension Cable, 3.5mm-Male-to-Female, Stereo • Part No. EX-25

  • 25-ft long audio extension cord extends the reach of either stereo or mono headphones and earphones

  • 3.5mm male plug (1/8 in.) extends 25 feet to a 3.5mm female (1/8 in.) jack on the other end

  • Order 2 cables and plug one into the other to give you a 50-foot reach if needed

  • Audio extension cord is compatible with most stereo audio equipment 3.5mm audio jacks

  • Works with TV, LCD Televisions, iPod®, mp3 players, amplified bookshelf speakers, desktop and laptop computers

  • Extend the audio jack from televisions, game players, DVD players, tape decks, computer jacks and more

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25-foot Audio Extension Cable, 3.5mm-Male-to-Female, Stereo Extension

Part Number EX-25

25-foot stereo extension cable for headphones and earphones, has a slim 3.5mm stereo audio plug on one end and a slim stereo 3.5mm plug on the other end. The slim plug and jack helps to fit the extension through cabinetry openings and holes, so you can plug the cable into the rear of a television set and extend the sound across the room so you can listen to your favorite headphones from across the room.

  • This extension will help you to extend the reach of your Headphones or Earphones
  • Works equally well with both stereo and mono headphones, earphones, computers, game players, TV's, DVD players and stereo systems
  • Extend your headphones or earphones by 25 feet
  • Connect two of the audio extensions to each other, to give reach 50 feet from your headphones to the TV audio jack if necessary
  • 3.5mm 3-conductor male plug on one end of cord and 3.5mm 3-conductor female jack on the other end makes it an ideal stereo audio extension cable
  • Keep in mind that a 3.5mm stereo plug is the same as a 1/8-inch male 3-conductor stereo plug and this is sometimes referred to as a sub-miniature audio plug that is commonly used for computers, iPod, MP-3 players, headphones, headphones and extension speakers
  • Extend your bookshelf stereo speakers or stereo system speakers across a dorm room or apartment using this audio extension cord
  • High quality audio extension cord will deliver clear, static-free sound

Extend your headphones, headsets or earphones if your existing cord is too short

This audio extension cable is 25 feet long, and that is the same as 7.62 meters.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Cable Length 25 feet
Plug Type 3.5mm 3-Cond Stereo
Plug Shape Slim Straight Plug
Jack Type 3.5mm 3-Cond Stereo
Plug Plating Gold
Color Black
Features Stereo Extension Cable 25 feet
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