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40mm Foam Earpads, Bag of 26

40mm Foam Earpads, Bag of 26

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40mm Foam Earpads, Bag of 26 • Part No. E-20-26

Measure the earpiece size from edge to edge to determine the fit for your headphone or headset

  • Measure the earpiece size from edge to edge to determine the fit for your headphone or headset

  • Earpiece should be between 1516 to 1 38 inches

  • Equivalent to between .945 and 1.38 inches

  • This is the same as between 24 to 35 mm in diameter

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40mm Foam Earpads, Bag of 26 • Part No. E-20-26

  • Replace the black foam type of foam headset and headphone sponge covers and pads
  • Fits headphone earpiece that is roughly the size of a half-dollar coin
  • Sold in re-closable bags of 26 foam pads per Zip-Lock style bag
  • Remove and replace the foam earpad sponge cushion covers when headphones are shared by many users
  • Recycle and refresh your headphones with new, clean earpads, so your headphones and headsets may be used by different users
  • Worn and torn foam earpads covers can be easily replaced so the headphones and headsets can be shared among many users
    • Just replace the foam ear pad cushions and put the headphones back into service
  • Thick spongy foam earpads last longer than the original foam material
  • Comfortable to wear as they help to cushion the headphones from rubbing against the skin
  • These earpads will fit many styles of call-center headsets however it is best to measure before ordering
  • The 40mm earpads are made to fit headphone earpieces that range from 1516 to 1 38 inches (24 to 35mm) in diameter
  • Also available in bags containing 200 each or 2 pairs of the 40mm size foam earpads

Maintain Effective Hygiene Between Headphone Users

  • Keep your headphones clean and sanitary so they may be safe when shared among many different users
  • The sponge material makes a nice home for head lice, bacteria, influenza, cmmon cold, hepititis, viruses, so it is a good idea to replace the earpads between users when the headphones are used in public settings
  • Keep your headphones fresh with a new earpad cushion
  • New earpads between users will prevent the sharing of hair, body fluids, skin cells, oils, perfume, hair spray and contact dermatitis
  • Prevent your users from reacting or becoming sick from shared headphones that may have been used by someone with a cold or the flu
  • Many call centers, schools and corporations replace the earpads to reduce sickness and prevent absenteeism
  • Clean earpads will help to maintain good health and hygiene among the many headphone and headset users

Three methods to measure your earpiece (following removal of the earpad)

  1. Circular earpieces - You can measure the diameter going across the earpiece from edge to edge
  2. Oval earpieces - You can measure across the earpiece and then from top-to-bottom of the edges; add those values together and then divide by 2 to get the average
  3. Oval or Odd Shape earpieces - Use a string, dental floss or thin strip of paper to measure the circumference (around the earpiece) and then divide by 3.14


  • Lets say your oval earpiece circumference measures 4 4/16 inches long, so you use this formula: 4.3125 ÷ 3.14 = 1.375 inches
  • If the earpiece diameter is 1.375 inches, you can see that our 40mm foam earpads will fit because it is between 0.945 and 1.38 inches in diameter
  • This same method works for metric measurements: If the circumference is 109mm) and we divide that by 3.14 it equals 34.7mm and that is between the range of 24 and 35mm so our 40mm earpad will fit
  • The 40mm foam earpads will fit an earpiece between 5/16 and 1 3/8 in (0.945 in. to 1.38 inches) or 24 to 35mm in size

Product Composition

The foam headphone cushions are made out of a polyurethane open-cell foam material that is flexible and will stretch around the circular and oval shaped earpieces. The foam material that we use is generally higher in quality (and made to last longer) than the foam earpads that originally came with most headphones and headsets. These hypoallergenic foam earpads are completely latex free and come packaged in a clear plastic bag. No heavy metals were used in the production of our foam ear pads; therefore they are RoHS compliant.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Material Foam
Cover Quantity 26 earpads
Earpiece Size in Inches 15/16 to 1 3/8 inches
Earpiece Size in mm 24 to 35mm
Packaging Reclosable bag

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Soon after, friends in my dorm sttraed buying quality headphones of their own, and before long there were a bunch of different pairs of headphones floating through the rooms. Since I had so many pairs to try out, I decided to write a guide called The Best Headphones For Students. People really liked the guide, and it was even featured in StudentAdvisor's Back-to-School gear guide.
Review by Pamela / (Posted on 6/20/2012)
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