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Earphone Accessories

Earphone Accessories

Accessory Items for Earphones

  • Foam replacement earpads
  • Replacement earbud eartips
  • Earphone and earbud cord management

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  1. 17mm earbud-sized foam earpads

    Earbud-sized foam earpads 

    • The earbud size foam earpad cushions fit around the outside of most earbud style earphones
    • Fits earbuds used with many mp3 players, including Apple® iPod® earbuds
    • Easily remove the sponge cushions on your earbuds
    • Sold in re-sealable bags with 100 foam pads per bag
    • Earphone covers and earbud covers help to cushion the earpiece so it feels comfortable
    • Earbud covers also help to hold the earphone in the ear
    • Earphone covers are often used to provide a clean way to share earphones among many different users
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  2. 17mm earbud-sized foam earpads

    Part No. D-10-20

    17mm earbud-sized foam earpads, bag of 20

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  3. 20mm Large Size Earbud Earpads

    20mm large earbud foam earpads, bag of 100 • Part No. D-20MM

    • Each bag contains 100 individual 20mm foam earpads
    • The 20mm size earpads are larger than most earbud earphones, so it is best to compare the earpiece physical size using a ruler or a coin
    • The standard earbud earpiece size is 17mm, which is about the size of a dime coin
    • If your earpiece is closer to 20mm (size of a penny) then you should order the 20mm earpads
    • If your earpiece is closer to the size of a nickel coin, you may need our DFEP transcription style earpads
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  4. Side View of Clothing Clip used for Cord Management

    Cable Clip for earphone and microphone cables, bag of 3 • Part No. CC-1013

    • These universal alligator cord clips are made of plastic and can easily be attached to wire and cords from earphones and microphones
    • These clothing clips can be used for cord management, by attaching the earphone cord to clothing
    • The cord clip is designed to prevent earphone loss and damage and to help the user freely move around without pulling on the cord
    • These cord clips can easily pay for themselves just by preventing damage to earphones that might be inadvertently broken as a result of getting caught on nearby objects while moving about
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  5. CordShrink cord shortener for iPod Nano

    CordShrink Cord Shortener for iPod Nano • Part No. CRDSHRNK

    CordShrink cord shortener for iPod® Nano
    An Apple® iPod Nano Earphone Cord Management System

    • The CordShrink cord management system is only compatible with the new iPod nano sixth generation (small square model)
    • You will find this to be a wonderful cord organizing solution and an excellent gift for anyone with a sixth generation iPod Nano
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  6. Inline Volume Control Has 3.5mm Stereo Plug and Stereo Jack

    In-Line Volume Control • Part No. ILVC

    This in-line volume control has a 3.5mm angled male plug on one end and a 3.5mm stereo female jack on the other end. Plug this inline volume control cable between a headphone your audio jack. Use the built-in volume control to adjust the sound level going to your headphones.

    • Quickly Control Sound Levels with Fingertip Ease
    • Insert in series with your headphone or earphone to allow users easy control over the audio level
    • Works with any audio stereo audio cable that has 3.5mm male plug and equipment with a similar 3.5mm female audio jack
    • Control the audio level using the thumb-wheel volume control that is located on the cord
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  7. Rubber Earbud Eartips (Black), 3 Sized Pairs

    Rubber earbud eartips (black), 3 sized pairs • Part No. RT-610B

    We have replacement earbud covers and silicone rubber eartips to fit most earphones.

    • Customize your earphone fit for greater comfort and sound with these BLACK colored silicone rubber eartips
    • There are 3 different sizes of earbud-style silicone rubber eartips, so you can optimize the fit for your ear
    • Earbud covers are made of silicone rubber material (no latex) and they are hypoallergenic
    • Eartips are sized for small, medium and large size ears
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  8. 6 Small Size Eartips in Each Bag

    Rubber earbud eartips (black), small size, bag of 6 • Part No. RT-210B-6

    • Each bag contains 6 each of our small size BLACK silicone rubber eartips
    • Eartips can be installed to provide a custom fit for children and those with very small ears
    • The silicone rubber ear tips have no latex material and they are hypoallergenic
    • The eartips are easy to install in place of the standard size eartips found on most earbuds
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  9. Bag of 100 Black Standard Size Eartips

    Rubber Earbud Eartips, (Black), Standard Size, Bag of 100 • Part No. RT-110x

    • Each bag contains 100 individual BLACK color medium size silicone rubber eartips
    • Replace the eartips so your earphones can be recycled and repeatedly used
    • The earbud size eartips are easy to replace by swapping out the used eartip
    • Recycle your earphones and keep them hygienically clean by changing the eartips
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  10. Replacement Earbud Eartips

    Rubber earbud eartips (black), standard size, bag of 6 • Part No. RT1103

    • Each bag contains 6 individual BLACK color medium size silicone rubber eartips
    • Replace lost eartips to restore your earphone to like new condition
    • The earbud size eartips are easy to replace by swapping out the original eartip
    • These eartips can also be used recycle your earphones to keep them hygienically clean and fresh
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