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Battery Free Wireless Optical Mouse & Pad

Battery Free Wireless Optical Mouse & Pad

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Battery Free Wireless Optical Mouse • SKU# BFWOM

  • Mouse Pad retractable wire cord plugs into USB jack on any MAC or PC

  • Optical mouse pad and cord-free mini mouse offers smooth precise control

  • Economical to use and environmentally friendly because no batteries are needed, ever

  • Wireless optical technology delivers high resolution and pinpoint accuracy

  • Enjoy a clean organized computing experience with a wireless mouse

  • Operates Interference-free from any nearby equipment or power sources

  • The mouse pad is compatible with any Mac or PC computer and the mouse never needs batteries

  • The mouse position detects mouse movement using RFID technology

  • Great mouse for travelers because it never will need batteries

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Battery Free Wireless Optical Mouse • SKU# BFWOM

  • Wireless Battery-Free Mouse & Pad - derives its power from the patented RFID-Pad
  • Wireless optical technology delivers high resolution with pinpoint accuracy
  • Enjoy a clean organized environment because there are no tangling wires to interfere with your computing experience
  • Designed with Innovative Radio Frequency Identification Technology, so it is absolutely Interference-free from any nearby wireless devices
  • The Optical Mouse Pad is directly powered from the computer and it optically detects precision mouse movement from the cord-free wireless mini-mouse
  • Mouse is only 3.5 inches in size so it is easily handled to give users freedom from any cord
  • Operates without the use of any batteries, creating a huge cost savings for its users
  • The mouse pad senses the mouse position without use of any ionizing energy, making it ideal for those who are sensitive to electronic devices
  • No batteries to be disposed of in any landfill, and this green technology is good for the environment
  • Mouse pad is 7 inches long by 5 inches wide, and the mouse can be freely moved around with the kind of precise control that is desired for graphics work
  • Does Not Use Batteries Totally Green Environmentally Friendly Solution
  • Mini-mouse has a retractable USB cord that will connect to most laptops and desk computers
  • Small size makes it easy to operate and transport with any laptop computer

The cord plugs into any laptop or desktop computer USB jack and the cord length is easily adjusted to position the mouse pad nearby on your desk or table top. The mouse has a thumbwheel for scrolling and the precise movements are detected on the mouse pad surface to give a smooth feeling of total control over the on screen movements. 

Wireless Mini-Mouse is totally Mac Compatible and plugs into the USB jack on any Mac computer

Compatible with PC's running Windows ME, Windows 2000, XP, Vista

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Additional Information

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