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Monthly Archives: January 2017

  • Microphone Windscreen Details

    Foam microphone windscreens are used to reduce wind noise and pop sounds

    Microphone Windscreens

    • Microphone Windscreens for Headsets
    • Windscreens for Podium Mikes
    • Foam Microphone Covers for Lapel Microphones
    • Mike Windscreens for Multimedia Headphones
    • Foam Mesh Covers for Desktop Microphones
    • Windscreens can be used to Refresh Your Microphones and Headsets


    Microphone Windscreen, Black - Part No. MIK-95









    For More Information and Details on the MIK-95 Microphone Windscreens CLICK HERE

      • These microphone windscreens fit onto many performance microphones, such as those usually used by performers, singers, stand-up comics, etc.
      • These windscreens fit onto most Ball-Style entertainment microphones and will help to temper the sound, reduce pop sounds, background noises and they will give speech a more natural sound
    • Each order consists of 2 Microphone Windscreens in a re-closable polybag
    • The foam will stretch to fit most microphones that are about 2 1/2 to 3 inches in diameter
    • Replace the foam between different performers to keep the microphones fresh
    • Some performers that do routines will often swap windscreens, because other users get a lot of spittle and saliva on the foam during performances and gigs
    • Over time, many microphone foam coverings will become worn, so now you can replace the foam microphone cover to give the microphone a fresh new look
    • These foam covers are reasonably priced and you get 2 Windscreens per bag
    • They are easy to remove and replace the foam sponge cover with a new windscreen
    Inside Diameter 1.26" About 1 1/4 inch 32mm
    Inside Depth 2.56" About 2 1/2 inches 65mm
    Overall Height 2.95" About 3 in. 75mm
    Overall Diameter 2.36" About 2 3/8 inches 60mm
    Color Black
    Quantity 2 per Poly Bag
    SKU No. MIK-95
    Sold in Pairs

    hm-1555-microphone-windscreen-psdMicrophone Windscreen, Black - Part No. HM-1555

    For More Information and Details on the HM-1555 Microphone Winsdscreens CLICK HERE

    • These microphone windscreens fit onto many podium microphones and stage microphones
    • The windscreens help to improve the sound quality by reducing background, hiss, pop sounds and slurred speech to impart a more natural sound
    • Each order consists of 2 individual Microphone Windscreens in one re-closable polybag
    • The foam will fit most microphones that are 1/2-inch in diameter and they will strech to slightly larger than the 1/2-inch size if needed
    • Replace the foam keep your microphones fresh and new looking
    • Replace old worn foam that is disintegrating or is peeling away from existing microphones
    • These foam covers are reasonably priced and you get 2 Windscreens per bag
    • They are easy to remove and replace the foam sponge cover with a new windscreen
    Inside Diameter 0.512" About 1/2 inch 13mm
    Inside Depth 2.087" About 2 1/16 inches 53mm
    Overall Height 2.244" About 2 1/4 inches 57mm
    Overall Diameter 1.181" About 1 3/16 inches 30mm
    Color Black
    Quantity 2 per Poly Bag
    SKU No. HM-1555
    Sold in Pairs

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  • Back to School Sales Tax Holiday

    Back To School Sales Tax Holiday 2017

    Scan Sound will be participating in the Florida "Back to School Sales Tax Holiday".

    Customers outside of Florida are not charged sales taxes, however those items shipped to a Florida address are typically charged sales tax.
    The State of Florida is offering an exemption on any cables, headphones, earphones and carrying cases between August 7th and August 16th, 2017.
    For more information, click here. This exemption applies to the first $750 of the sales price of a qualified item when purchased for non-commercial, home or personal use.

    Below is a list of the items which qualify as "Computer Related Accessories" and will be exempt from sales taxes during this special tax holiday:

    1-BUD 1-BUD Earphone http://scansound.com/1-bud-single-ear-stereo-earbud-black.html
    1-BUD-B 1-BUD-Brown Earphone http://scansound.com/1-bud-single-ear-stereo-earbud-brown.html
    1-BUD-G 1-BUD-Gold Earphone http://scansound.com/1-bud-gold-single-ear-stereo-earbud-black.html
    1-BUD-Pro-G 1-BUD-Pro-Gold Earphone http://scansound.com/1-bud-pro-gold-earphone-with-eartips.html
    1BUDPG 1-BUD-Pro-Gold Earphone with Eartips http://staging.scansound.com/1-bud-pro-gold-single-ear-stereo-earbud-white.html
    1-BUD-Short 1-BUD Earphone with Shortened Cord http://scansound.com/1-bud-single-ear-stereo-earbud-with-shortened-cord-black.html
    1-CLIP Single-Ear Stereo Ear-Clip Headphone http://scansound.com/1-clip.html
    1BUDG2 1-BUD-Gold Earphone with Eartips http://scansound.com/1-bud-gold-single-ear-stereo-earbud-black-with-3-sizes-of-eartips.html
    1BUDGC Black 1-BUD Earphone w/ Zippered Case and 3 Sizes of Eartips http://scansound.com/1budgc.html
    1BUDPTC Turquoise 1-BUD-Pro  w/ Zippered Case and 3 Sizes of Eartips http://scansound.com/1budptc.html
    AFL Angle-Fit Left Earphone http://scansound.com/angle-fit-left-earphone.html
    AFR Angle-Fit Right Earphone http://scansound.com/angle-fit-right-earphone.html
    AFS Angle-Fit Stereo Earphone http://scansound.com/angle-fit-stereo-earphones.html
    LBUD2 Left-BUD Earphone http://scansound.com/left-bud-earhook-style-single-ear-stereo-earphone-for-left-ear.html
    LBUD3 Left-BUD-Gold Earphone http://scansound.com/left-bud-gold-earhook-style-single-ear-stereo-earphone-for-left-ear.html
    MEP-201MR 1-BUD Mobile Right http://scansound.com/1-bud-mobile-right-single-ear-stereo-smartphone-compatible-earbud-for-right-ear.html
    MEP-201S Stereo Headset Earphones http://scansound.com/smartphone-compatible-stereo-earbuds-with-3-sized-pairs-of-eartips-and-zippered-earphone-carrying-case.html
    MEP-201SL 1-BUD Deluxe Left http://scansound.com/1-bud-deluxe-left-single-ear-stereo-earbud-for-left-ear-with-3-sizes-of-eartips-and-zippered-earphone-carrying-case.html
    MEP-201SR 1-BUD Deluxe Right http://scansound.com/1-bud-deluxe-right-single-ear-stereo-earbud-for-right-ear-with-3-sizes-of-eartips-and-zippered-earphone-carrying-case.html
    MXP-LM2 Headset Stereo Earphone (for Left Ear) with 3 Sizes of Eartips and Zippered Carrying Case http://scansound.com/smartphone-compatible-1-bud-stereo-earbud-for-left-ear-with-3-sizes-of-eartips-and-zippered-earphone-carrying-case.html
    MXP-RM2 Smartphone-Compatible 1-BUD Stereo Earbud (for Right Ear), with 3 sizes of Eartips and Zippered Earphone Carrying Case http://scansound.com/smartphone-compatible-1-bud-stereo-earbud-for-right-ear-with-3-sizes-of-eartips-and-zippered-earphone-carrying-case.html
    RBUD2 Right-BUD over-the-ear single-ear stereo earbud (black) http://scansound.com/right-bud-earhook-style-single-ear-stereo-earphone-for-right-ear.html
    RBUD3 Right-BUD Gold over-the-ear single-ear stereo right earbud (black) http://scansound.com/right-bud-gold-earhook-style-single-ear-stereo-earphone-for-right-ear.html
    E-30 Stereo Earphones with 6-ft Cord http://scansound.com/stereo-earphones-with-6-ft-cord.html
    M-101 Dual-Ear Mono Earphones http://scansound.com/dual-ear-mono-earbuds.html
    M-102 Single-Ear Mono Earphone http://scansound.com/single-ear-mono-earbud-6-foot-cord.html
    M-102-3 Single-Ear Mono Earphone (3ft Cord) http://scansound.com/single-ear-mono-earbud-3-foot-cord.html
    MJ-050-3B Economical Stereo Earbuds 3ft 7in cord, straight plug http://scansound.com/economical-stereo-earbuds-w-1-1m-3ft-7in-cord.html
    MJ-050-6 Economical Stereo Earbuds with 6-ft Cord http://scansound.com/economical-stereo-earbuds-w-1-8m-6ft-cord.html
    MXP-S Headset Stereo Earbuds, with 3 sized pairs of eartips and earphone pouch http://scansound.com/smartphone-compatible-stereo-earbuds-with-3-sized-pairs-of-eartips-and-earphone-carrying-pouch.html
    MXP-S2 Headset Stereo Earbuds, with 3 sized pairs of eartips and zippered earphone carrying case http://scansound.com/deluxe-smartphone-compatible-stereo-earbuds-with-3-sized-pairs-of-eartips-and-zippered-earphone-carrying-case.html
    Pro-10B Pro-10 Stereo Earbud Blister Pack http://scansound.com/pro-10-stereo-earbuds-in-blister-pack.html
    Pro-10i Pro-10 Stereo Earbuds http://scansound.com/pro-10-stereo-earbuds.html
    S-303 Clear Stereo Earbuds with 6-ft cord http://scansound.com/stereo-earbuds-clear-w-6-foot-cord.html
    SB-302 Black Stereo Earbuds with 6-ft Cord http://scansound.com/stereo-earbuds-black-w-6-foot-cord.html
    AH-816 Hi-Performance Stereo Headphones http://scansound.com/hi-performance-stereo-headphones.html
    EAR-1 Single-Sided 1-BUD Headphone http://scansound.com/single-ear-stereo-headphone.html
    EC-104 Stereo Ear-Clip Style Headphones http://scansound.com/ear-clip-style-stereo-headphones.html
    F-103A Economical Stereo Headphones http://scansound.com/economical-stereo-headphones.html
    F-303 Deluxe Stereo Headphones http://scansound.com/deluxe-stereo-headphones.html
    H-30 H-30 Stereo Headphones, 4ft Cord http://scansound.com/stereo-headphones-w-4-foot-cord.html
    HP-085 Adjustable Stereo/Mono Headphones http://scansound.com/adjustable-stereo-mono-headphones.html
    M-103A Mono Headphones http://scansound.com/mono-headphones-1664.html


    4007Y iPod Nano 3rd Generation Leather Case
    CC-1013 Cable Clip (Pack of 3) http://scansound.com/cable-clip-for-earphone-microphone-cables-bag-of-3.html
    CRD-LRG 3.5mm 4-Conductor (Female Jack) to 3.5mm 3-Conductor (Male Plug) Headset Adapter http://scansound.com/3-5mm-4-conductor-female-jack-to-3-5mm-3-conductor-male-plug-headset-adapter.html
    CRD-SML 3.5mm 4-Conductor (Female Jack) to 2.5mm 4-Conductor (Male Plug) Headset Adapter http://scansound.com/3-5mm-4-conductor-female-jack-to-2-5mm-4-conductor-male-plug-headset-adapter.html
    CZUSB2 USB 2.0A to Mini-B Cable (Black) http://scansound.com/usb-2-0-to-mini-b-adapter-cable.html
    ECTL Earphone Carrying Case and Clip http://scansound.com/zippered-earphone-carrying-case-with-heavy-duty-spring-clip-old.html
    EPCH Earphone Carrying Pouch http://scansound.com/soft-cloth-earphone-carrying-pouch.html
    EX-100 Audio Extension Cable 1-Meter (3ft 3in) http://scansound.com/audio-extension-cable-1-meter-3ft-3in.html
    EX-200 Audio Extension Cable 2-Meters (6ft 6in) http://scansound.com/audio-extension-cable-2-meters-6ft-6in.html
    EX-300 Audio Extension Cable 3-Meters (9ft 9in) http://scansound.com/audio-extension-cable-3-meters-9ft-9in.html
    EX-333 Audio Extension Cable 6-ft http://scansound.com/audio-extension-cable-1-83-meters-6-feet.html
    EX-444 Audio Extension Cable 12-ft http://scansound.com/audio-extension-cable-3-66-meters-12-feet.html
    EXT10 Audio Extension Cable 10cm http://scansound.com/audio-extension-cable-10cm-3-94-inches.html
    ILVC In-Line Volume Control http://scansound.com/in-line-volume-control.html
    SPLTR Headphone Splitter with Separate Volume Controls http://scansound.com/stereo-headphone-splitter-with-separate-volume-controls.html
    SS-205 Coiled Audio Extension Cable Extends 20 feet http://scansound.com/coiled-audio-extension-cable-extends-20-feet-6-meters.html



    7124ADP 2.5mm (Male) to 3.5mm (Female) Stereo Adapter http://scansound.com/2-5mm-male-plug-to-3-5mm-female-jack-stereo-adapter.html
    7125MON 3.5mm (Male) Stereo to 2.5mm (Female) Mono Adapter
    7126STR 3.5mm (Male) Stereo to 2.5mm (Female) Stereo Adapter http://scansound.com/3-5mm-male-plug-stereo-to-2-5mm-female-jack-stereo-adapter.html
    AEC4 TRRS 4-Conductor Extender Cable  http://scansound.com/3-5mm-trrs-4-conductor-4-inch-extender-cable.html
    M2SA Mono to Stereo Adapter http://scansound.com/3-5mm-2-conductor-mono-male-plug-to-3-5mm-3-conductor-stereo-female-jack-adapter.html
    S2828 3.5mm 3-Conductor (Male Plug) Stereo to 3.5mm 2-Conductor (Female Jack) Mono Adapter http://scansound.com/3-5mm-3-conductor-male-plug-stereo-to-3-5mm-2-conductor-female-jack-mono-adapter.html
    UNC-LRG 3.5mm 3-Conductor (Male Plug) to 3.5mm 4-Conductor (Female Jack) Headset Adapter
  • MRI Patient Stereo Sound Systems and Accessories

    MRI Stereo Kits Provide Music to Comfort Patients Inside Magnetic Resonance Imaging Systems

      Download and Print the MRI Stereo Installation Evaluation Form (878.68 kB)

      Download and Print the MRI Stereo Sound System Literature (8.38 MB)

    Deluxe MRI Patient Stereo Sound System Kit Model J-4002

    Features a Bose Acoustic Wave Music System:

    • Self-contained mini component dimensions: 10 5/8in high x 18in wide x 7 3/8in deep (14.5 pounds)
    • Built-in stereo AM/FM/CD player provides stereo music for patients undergoing an MRI scan
    • Bose® stereo has its own built-in stereo speakers, delivering exceptional audio sound
    • Florescent digital display with dimmer
    • Single top-loading CD disc player
    • Built-in telescoping antenna, with option for external antenna hook-up
    • Digital tuner with preset stations for AM & FM bands
    • Full featured infrared remote control
    • Bose® Acoustic Wave® Music System features 1-year Bose® limited warranty - parts and labor
    • Patients hear true stereo coming from the Bose stereo (positioned nearby the technologist)
    • Stereo system can be placed on either operator's desk or nearby shelf

    Kit Includes:

    • Self-Contained Bose® Acoustic Wave® Music System
    • Push-to-Talk Bogen® desktop microphone - Enables technologist to be heard in patient headphone
    • Integrated Amplifier - Adjusts music level and lowers the music when speaking to the patient
    • Patient Acoustic Interface - Converts electronic sound to pneumatic sound for audible music
    • 2 plastic pneumatic headphones for use in all MRI coils and all MRI scanning
    • 1 Bag of spare acoustic eartips for pneumatic headphones
    • Custom cut cables - All cables are labeled for an easy out-of-the-box installation
    • Custom installation manual with graphic illustrations and photographs making it quite easy to install
    • Plastic headphone hanger clips keep the plastic headphones handy for the next patient scan
    • Industrial strength Velcro for the patient acoustic interface
    • Power outlet strip

    Our Evaluation Form is used for measuring custom cut cables:

    • Measure the amount of cable required to connect the stereo (near the technologist) to the RF penetration panel
    • Measure the amount of cable required to run from the RF penetration panel (inside the scan room) through any troughs or conduits to the front of the MRI magnet floor area
    • Identify whether your MRI scanner has 2 spare bnc connectors on the penetration panel, or whether you will need to purchase the connectors
    • Fax the completed form to Scan Sound, Inc. as indicated on the form

     Model J-4002 using iPad with Aux Input (160.55 KB) 

    Model J-4002 with Aux In from Laptop (158.21 KB)

    Economical MRI Patient Stereo Sound System Kit Model IS-2002

    Features a Sangean DDR-63 Wi-Fi, Internet Radio, CD-Player, FM Radio with Built-in iPod Docking Unit

    • Receives FM broadcast stations with 10 memory buttons
    • Single-Slot CD player
    • WiFi Internet-ready radio to play over 15,000 Internet radio stations
    • Enjoy free music streaming from Pandora with 10 station memory buttons
    • iPod docking station plays and charges the iPod models that have 30-pin connector
    • Auxiliary Input for connecting any audio source of your choice
    • Wooden cabinet provides exceptional audio from the built-in speakers
    • Ergonomic Miniature Remote Control
    • Compact stereo has built-in speakers with a wood cabinet that takes up very little desk space and produces extremely rich, full bass quality sound
    • Music level may be independently adjusted for the patient from the sound heard in the technologist area
    • Patients hear true stereo music separated into left and right channels to reduce claustrophobia

    Kit Includes:

    • Sangean DDR-63 stereo system, network ready with Internet Radio, FM Radio,CD player and iPod docking system
    • Push-to-Talk Bogen® desktop microphone - Enables technologist to be heard in patient headphone
    • Integrated Amplifier - Adjusts music level and lowers the music when speaking to the patient
    • Patient Acoustic Interface - Converts electronic sound to pneumatic sound for audible music
    • 2 plastic pneumatic headphones for use in all mri coils and all mri scanning
    • 1 Bag of spare acoustic eartips for pneumatic headphones
    • Custom Cut Cables - All cables are labeled for an easy out-of-the-box installation
    • Custom installation manual with graphic illustrations and photographs making it quite easy to install
    • Plastic headphone hanger clips keep the plastic headphones handy for the next patient scan
    • Industrial strength Velcro
    • Power outlet strip

    Our Evaluation Form is used for measuring custom cut cables:

    • Measure the Amount of Cable Required to Connect the Stereo (Near the Technologist) to the RF Penetration Panel
    • Measure the Amount of Cable Required to Run from the RF Penetration Panel (Inside the Scan Room) through any trough or conduit to the Front of the MRI Magnet Floor Area
    • Identify Whether Your MRI Scanner Has 2 Spare BNC Connectors on the Penetration Panel, or Whether You will Need to Purchase the Connectors
    • Fill Out the Form and fax it to the number shown on the form

     Download and print Model IS-2002 Stereo Diagram (116.87 KB)

    MRI Patient Stereo Builder's Kit Model SBK-BT

    • Create your own MRI Stereo by choosing the music source, using an iPod, an MP3 Player, Smart Phone, Tablet or Computer
    • Bluetooth-Ready and will pair with nearly all Bluetooth Enabled devices, such as Android and Apple cell phones, tablets and MP3 players
    • Two sets of RCA Jacks on the back of the amplifier can be used with a computer, stereo line-out jack or 3.5mm headphone jack
    • Includes Bose powered speakers so the Operator can independently listen to the music or turn it down without affecting the level going to the patient
    • Amplifier can be set to duck down the music when talking into the microphone, so the patient can easily hear what is being said
    • Comes with custom-cut cables sized to fit your facility for quick and easy installation
    • Enables communication to the Patient via a Desktop Push-button Microphone
    • Independent volume controls for music and microphone

    This kit will give you the choice of whatever you want to use as the primary source for the stereo music. You can choose to use a tablet, an iPod or any other device of your choice, loaded up with your own music selections or connected to the Internet to play an endless amount of music selections. The Bluetooth function will allow patients to bring in their own Bluetooth enabled devices to listen to their favorite music selections. After pressing the Bluetooth button, you can pair any device and it takes only a few seconds to make a selection.

    This kit includes a set of powered Bose bookshelf speakers, delivering exceptional audio for all to enjoy. The technologist can independently adjust their music listening levels from the patient's listening levels. When the technologist speaks into the microphone, the music level automatically dicks down allowing the microphone audio to dominate what is heard by the patient.

    Kit Also Includes:

    • Push-to-Talk Bogen® desktop microphone - Enables technologist to be heard in patient headphone
    • Integrated Amplifier - Adjusts music level and lowers the music when speaking to the patient
    • Patient Acoustic Interface - Converts electronic sound to pneumatic sound for audible music
    • 2 plastic pneumatic headphones for use in all mri coils and all mri scanning
    • 1 Bag of spare acoustic eartips for pneumatic headphones
    • Custom Cut Cables - All cables are labeled for an easy out-of-the-box installation
    • Custom installation manual with graphic illustrations and photographs making it quite easy to install
    • Plastic headphone hanger clips keep the plastic headphones handy for the next patient scan
    • Industrial strength Velcro
    • Power outlet strip

    Download Stereo Builder's Kit Connection Information

    Why Buy an MRI Stereo System from Scan Sound?

    Scan Sound MRI Patient Stereo Sound Systems deliver true STEREO Music to the Patients. Our competitors typically sell Monaural Audio sound systems which have a dull flat sensation. Our true stereo sound provides a spacious feeling for the patients, which is an important factor in terms of overcoming claustrophobia.

    Scan Sound has been providing quality MRI Stereo Sound Systems in Kit Form since 1986. The company's Chief Engineer, Barry Leeper is a Biomedical Engineer, CBET, Former MRI Technical Support Specialist and the inventor of the MRI Patient Stereo Sound System. Having worked in the MRI field since 1985, Barry routinely witnessed many MRI scans as they were being aborted on a daily basis by patients who just could not tolerate being placed into the MRI magnet. Each time this happened, the MRI scan center would lose revenue as they could not bill for the aborted scans.

    The simple solution to getting the patients to cooperate was to offer them the comfort of listening to music during their scan. It was almost magical how many patients would just lie down, put on the headphones and never express concerns as they were slid into the magnet for their scan. Before long, many patients were telling their referring physicians that they actually preferred getting an MRI scan at the facility providing stereo music. Word quickly spread and Scan Sound began selling kits to MRI centers to meet the growing demand.

    In these years of diminishing returns, Scan Sound believes that it should help keep the cost of the systems at prices that MRI Centers can easily afford. The MRI Stereo Systems will pay for themselves by overcoming the lost revenue that would otherwise be lost when patients abort their scans. Our systems are high quality and perform well on all types of MRI Scanners.

    - Below are optional items that go well with our MRI Stereo Kits -

    Noise Reduction Headphone for MRI Patient Stereo Kits - Part No. NRH-101

    • Headphones cup completely around the outside of the ears.
    • Helps to block out noise from the MRI scanning system.
    • Twin-tubing connects with vinyl tubing coming from the Patient Acoustic Interface, directing the air-driven Pneumatic audio up to two headphone earpieces that cup completely around the ear.
    • Each headphone earpiece has a foam eartip that directs the sound right into the ear canal, and this helps to block out noise
    • Each earpiece cups completely around the outside of the ear. This headphone is called a Noise Reduction Headphone because it has been designed to block out and absorb an estimated 49 dB of noise through by way of these specially designed features:
      1. Plastic shell earpieces cup completely around the outside of the ear
      2. Foam cushions rest against the head, provide a comfortable fit while sealing out exterior noise
      3. Two layers of foam inside help to absorb and block out a significant amount of noise
      4. Acoustic Foam Eartips direct the audio directly into the ear canal and seal out additional noise
    • Plastic tubing plugs are 1/4-inch outer diameter and these twin tubes will fit into 1/4-inch I.D. vinyl tubing that is common to most MRI sound systems
    • Foam Eartips May be Replaced for Hygienic Use Between Multiple Patients (Part No. 521-200 Below)
    • Sanitary Stretch Covers Available (Part No. SS-2 Below) to maintain clean headphones between patients

    Pad-Headset Pneumatic MRI Headphone - Part No. PAD-HS

    • Fits into the tight spaces of a head coil next to the ears to provide audio from MRI stereo systems without the use of a headband
    • Thin, Spongy Pad is comfortable for adults and children and easily inserts into space next to the patient's ears, comfortably providing a way to hear the MRI Stereo music
    • Helps to block out noise produced by the MRI Scanner
    • Sanitary Stretch Covers Can Be Used to Cover the Pad-Headset (see part No. SS-2 below)
    • Plastic tubing plugs are 1/4-inch outer diameter and these twin tubes will fit into 1/4-inch I.D. vinyl tubing that is common to most MRI sound systems
    • Pneumatic Headphone is Inert to the MRI Scan and is Completely NON-FERROUS
    DCF 1.0

    Stethoscope-Style Pneumatic MRI Headphones
    Part No. P-101

    • Similar to airline style headphones of the past and is used with MRI Sound Systems to hear stereo music
    • Music is Channeled Directly to the Patient's Ears by way of inert plastic pneumatic tubing that will not affect MRI scans
    • Slim fit will allow this headphone to be used in All MRI coils, including head coil
    • Stethoscope style headphones utilize hygienic replacement foam eartips that fit comfortably into the ear to block out noise and enable the patients to hear music. These replacement eartips also enable sanitary sharing of headphones (see part no. 521-200 below)
    • Fits comfortably into the ear, blocking noise and enabling the patient to hear the music
    • Plastic tubing plugs are 1/4-inch outer diameter and these twin tubes will fit into 1/4-inch I.D. vinyl tubing that is common to most MRI sound systems

    Replacement Foam Eartips
    Sanitary Disposable Foam Eartips
    Part No. 521-200

    • Sanitary Disposable Foam Eartips for Acoustic and Pneumatic All-Plastic MRI Stereo Sound System Headphones
    • These Foam Eartips Actually Help to Reduce Gradient Noise from MRI Scanners and Make the Headphones More Comfortable to Wear
    • Made of Inert - Non-Ferrous Material that Will not Appear in Images or Interfere with MRI Scans
    • Foam Eartips Help to Minimize Spread of Bacteria Among MRI Headphone Wearers
    • Foam Eartips are Easy to Remove and Replace on Pneumatic Headphones Between Patients
    • Inner Foam Insert Easily Pops Out When Pushing the Foam Eartip Into Place on the Headphones
    • Combines with Stethoscope Style Acoustic Headphone to provide 29 dB of Noise Reduction
    • Combines with Noise Reduction Headphone to provide 49 dB of Noise Reduction

    100 Large Sterile Sanitary Headphone Covers, White - Part No. SS-2-100

    • Thin Cloth Material Covers the Headphones and Allows Sound to Pass Through
    • Disposable covers enable Users to Share Headphones Without Transferring Infectious Bacteria and Germs
    • Usable with All Types of Headphones that Surround the Ear, including NRH-101 MRI Noise Reduction Pneumatic Headphones above
    • Sealed in Bags of 100 Sterile Stretch Sanitary Disposable Headphone Covers Per Bag
    • Comfortable Material is Latex Free and Does Not Itch or Cause Any Added Pressure Against the Skin
    • Maintains Cleanliness of Headphones While Limiting the Spread of Germs Between Headphone Users
    • Covers May be Easily Replaced Each Time the Headphones are Used to provide a Sanitary Method of Sharing the Headphones among many different users
    • Fabric Material is Inert to an MRI Scan and Suitable for Use in Hospitals to Help Prevent the Spread of Bacteria, Lice and Viruses

    RFI Filtered Inline BNC Connector Inserts
    Part No. FCBNC1

    • Use with MRI audio systems to prevent noise artifacts
    • 2 filters are typically used for MRI sound systems (one for each of the 2 stereo channels)
    • Mounts on BNC connectors located on the Computer Room Side of the RF Penetration Panel BNC Connector Panel to prevent RFI noise from entering scan room through BNC connectors
    • Each Insert has a Filter inside which allows Audio to Pass Through, but prevents artifacts from RF noise (in the receiving range of the MRI scanner) from passing into the scan room

    Bulkhead BNC Connector - Part No. BA-1087

    • Double-Female BNC Connector Mounts on RF Penetration Panel and provides a way to electronically send audio into MRI scan room
    • Used to Connect Coaxial Cables to Penetration Panel so Audio Signals can be Passed Through into the MRI Scan Room
    • Typically, 2 Each of these Connectors are Needed for Each MRI Stereo System Installation
    • If your MRI System Does Not Have 2 Spare Connectors Like These, then you will need to Drill 2 Holes and Mount These BNC Double-Female Connectors on the RF Penetration Panel
    • Maintains Grounded Shield Integrity While Passing Audio Signals into MRI Scan Room
    • Most MRI Systems typically have at least 2 spare connectors such as these, however, if your MRI scanner penetration panel does not have 2 spare connectors, you will need to install a pair yourself
    • Scan Sound Offers these Connectors as a Convenience for those who are Installing an MRI Stereo System Kit

    Docking Station for iPod and iPhone
    Part No. PIDOCK1

    • Connects Directly to MRI Stereo Sound System to Play Music from iPhone or iPod
    • Allows you to easily replace your collection of CD's by using an iPod or iPhone as the music source
    • This docking unit connects directly to stereo system and supplies continuous power the iPod so you can play music without having to charge and re-charge iPod batteries
    • iPod docking unit supplies direct audio connectivity for best sound quality transfer
    • Shuffle between a variety of music all day, so you never have to search for music or hear the same CD's over and over again
    • Very easy to convert your whole collection of CD's and load them all onto an iPod using iTunes software
    • Easily play patient's choice of music by scrolling through menu then clicking on desired music
    • Organize your music in folders for Pop, Jazz, Country, Classical and Hip-Hop so Patients can easily request one of their favorite selections.
    • Docking Unit will Allow patients to bring in their own iPod or iPhone
      • Quickly and easily play their own music for them while they are in the scanner
      • Just pop it into the docking unit and you're ready to play their music
    • This docking unit is a nice addition for any MRI Stereo System.

    Hearing Protective Noise-Reduction Ear Plugs
    Part No. EP-200

    • Ear Plugs are Individually Wrapped in Pairs
    • Easily Dispensed to Users so Clean Sanitary Bag may be Opened by User
    • Hearing Protection for MRI Patients - Provides 32dB of Noise Reduction
    • Comfortably fits in any size ear, and will size itself as it is inserted
    • Hypoallergenic material (latex free)
    • Each package contains 200 pairs of the Noise Reduction Earplugs
    • MRI Patients will especially appreciate the ability to reduce the gradient knocking sounds

    Hearing Protective Ear Muffs
    Part No. HP-66

    • Protects MRI Patient Hearing and Reduces MRI Scanning Noise
    • Noise Reduction Rating of -20 dB
    • Ear Muffs are Made Completely of Plastic and Composite Materials that are Invisible to MRI Scanners
    • Helps to Quiet the MRI Gradient Knocking Sounds for Patients Who Have Trouble with Noise
    • Excessive Noise Can be Harmful, Cause Anxiety and May Lead to Hearing Loss
    • These Ear Muffs Can Calm MRI Patients and Less Motion Translates to Better Scan Image Quality
    • Inert to the MRI Scan and Will Not Produce Any MRI Artifacts
    • Can be Used with the Scan Sound Sanitary Stretch Headphone Covers to Provide Total Hygiene Between Ear Muff Users
    • MRI Patients will Especially Appreciate Your Going Out of Your Way to Provide Comfort from the Medical Imaging Sound made by your MRI Scanner
    • Adjustable Headband and Extremely Soft Ear Pads Improve Overall Comfort

    MRIWear Reversible Lens Prism Glasses
    Part No. PG-200

    • These Prism Glasses (Bed Specs) are ideal for reducing Claustrophobia during MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scans
    • The Prisms are Special, Because They Can be Reversed to Change the View so Patients Being Scanned Head-First or Feet-First Will Always be Able to See Outside the Magnet, to Reduce Claustrophobia
    • It's Like Getting Two Prism Glasses for the Price of One
    • Prism Glasses are MRI Safe and Totally Free of any Metal
    • No Artifacts or Distortion
    • Most Prism Glasses Have a Metal Hinge that Produces MRI Artifacts and Distortion, and These Prism Glasses Do Not Have Any Hinge because the Temples are Made completely from Plastic Parts
    • These Prism Glasses are Worn Just Like Conventional Glasses or they can be used with an Elastic Strap
    • Patients See Outside the Scanner in Any Position So The Patients Will Not Feel Closed Into a Tight Space
    • Make Your Patients Comfortable to Cope with their MRI Scan to Completely Avoid Claustrophobia
    • Helps to Increase Patient Throughput, so the Glasses Easily Pay for Themselves
    • Easily use in all MRI Coils with All MRI Scans
    • Excellent for fMRI Use for Special Studies Where Subject Needs to View Outside the Scanner
    • Patented Design Enables Prisms to Slide Out so they Can be Reversed to Modify the View to Either Above the Head or Towards the Feet
    • Can be Used with All Diagnostic Imaging Scanners
      • MRI Scanners
      • PET Scanners
      • CT Scanners
      • Nuclear Med Scanners
      • Bone Density Scanners
    • Great for Hospital TV's
    • Patients Can Easily Lie Flat and View a TV Without Being Elevated
    • Can be Used for Industrial Work to Reduce Neck Strain in Situations When User Must Look Up or Down for Long Periods
    • Can be Worn by Bicyclists to See Road Ahead While in Head-Down Position
      Mountain Climbing Instructors can Reduce Neck Strain from Not Having to Look Up at Climbers All Day Long
    • Ships with Lens Cleaning Cloth and Customized Box
  • Sanitary Disposable Covers for Headphones and Headsets

    Sanitary Disposable Covers for Headphones and Headsets

    Safely Share Headphones and Headsets Among Many Different Users

    Sanitary covers are available for headphones and headsets which stretch around the headphone earpiece to shield the person wearing the headphones from coming in contact with the foam cushion portion of the headset or headphone. The stretchable covers are made from non-woven synthetic spun-bond polypropylene, which is the same material used to make wet wipes. The material allows audio to easily pass through while providing a barrier to moisture to shield users from the germs and bacterial of other headphone and headset users.

    Sharing headphones and headsets seems to be quite harmless, however most people do not realize that the foam part of the headphone cushion is like a sponge that absorbs body moisture and allows the transfer of skin cells, biological material, germs, bacteria and a virus from one user to another. Most users do not mind that the headphones are being recycled, however they do not want whatever was left behind by previous users when they put on the headphones or headset that has been shared with who knows who.

    Headphones and headsets are frequently shared among many different users in settings such as educational facilities, call centers, on-the-job training programs, museum kiosks, business presentations, trade shows, headphone sales stores, music stores, schools, libraries, workout facilities, dental offices and healthcare facilities. While it may be beneficial to provide exceptional audio with a good pair of headphones, nobody wants their hair and skin to come in contact with the same sponge foam material that was shared with many other prior users, because not only will you be exposing your skin to the same material as all the previous users, but there is also the potential that as those headphones are worn, that one of the users could have head lice that invisibly will find the same sponge foam to be a nice happy environment as well. So unfortunately, the headphones can become a handy vessel for transferring head lice from one individual pair of headphones to many subsequent headphone users.

    Disposable Headphone Covers

    Sanitary material will stretch around headphone earpiece

    The large size disposable headphone covers will stretch around the outer portion of earmuff style headphones

    Maintain sterile conditions between those who publicly wear the same headphones

    Enables headphone wearer to hear music or an audio very clearly, protecting the headphone user while you maintain effective hygiene for your facility

    • These covers are made from a synthetic type of spun cloth material that is similar to what they use to make wet wipes and surgical masks
    • The covers wrap around the outside edges of the headphones and cover the cushions
    • The type of material used will allow audio to pass through while resisting light perspiration and they provide a safe barrier to protect users from lice, bacteria, viruses, infectious diseases
    • Our covers have been used by the National Institutes of Health medical facilities to control the outbreak of antibiotic resistant staphylococcus "staph" infections such as MRSA
    • Enables patients and headphone users to share headphones without sharing hair, body oils, skin cells, bacteria and germs
    • Usable with all types of headphones, such as those used in aviation simulators, pilot and military training exercises, surgical procedures, hospitals, library, students, courthouse proceedings, voting booth equipment, media labs, depositions, museums, planetariums, music halls, corporate presentations, job screening programs, job training, clean rooms, educational centers, classrooms and any situation where headphones may be publicly shared between many users
    • Headphone covers aid in public safety by limiting the spread of lice, ticks, influenza and contagious diseases
    • Elastic stitching will enable the headphone covers to stretch and cover the outer portion of  shared headphones where they contact the head and ear
    • Large size covers can be used on all types of earmuff style headphones including stereo headphones that cup the ear
    • Small size headphone covers work well with call center headsets and lightweight headphones that rest against the ear
    • The small size covers can also be used over stethoscopes, and the covers can be removed and replaced so the stethoscopes can be kept sterile
    • Packaged in sealed bags with 100 sterile stretch headphone covers in each bag
    • Comfortable material is free of any latex and does not itch or cause any added pressure against the skin
    • The covers maintain cleanliness of the associated headphones while limiting the spread of contagious viruses & diseases
    • These disposable sanitary stretch fabric covers may be easily replaced each time the headphones are used
    • Large size works well with the scan sound nrh-101 noise reduction headphones as shown in the picture on the left and the fabric material is inert to an mri scan
    • Eliminates the need for cleaning agents and disinfectant sprays which actually cause the materials to break down over time and act like a sponge to absorb unhealthy micro-organisms
    • Our headphone covers work well as a clean room dust cover, petri dish cover - will cover lab glass wear and beakers

    Sizing Information:

    • Earpiece Size is 1 to 2 1/2-inches (2.5 to 6.3cm) - Order the Small Size Headphone Covers
    • Earpiece Size is 2 to 3 1/2-inches (5 to 9cm) - Order the Medium Size Headphone Covers
    • Earpiece Size is 3 to 5-inches (7.6 to 12.7cm) - Order the Large Size Headphone Covers
    • Earpiece Size is 4 to 7-inches (10.2 to 17.8cm) - Order the Ex-Large Headphone Covers


    Large size disposable sanitary headphone covers:
    Will stretch around the outer portion of earmuff style headphones. Typically these headphones have an earpiece that is  about 5 1/2-inches in diameter and they accept the Large size headphone covers.




    Small size disposable sanitary headphone covers:
    Will stretch around the outer portion of most personal headsets the kind of headphones that rest against the ear. These earpieces usually are around 2 inches in average diameter.



    The small size headphone covers come in bags of 100 and boxes that have an oval cut opening to dispense the earphones, with 1,000 small size headphone covers inside.

    The small size headphone covers are available in White, Black or Red colors, as shown above.

    The Bose Quiet Comfort II headphones (shown above) work best with the Medium size covers. The Medium size headphone covers will fit headphone earpieces ranging from 2 to 3 1/2 inches in the average diameter.

    The above pictures show the Disposable Sanitary Headphone Covers in use by numerous individuals watching a video presentation at a trade show. The headphone covers enable the headphones to be repeatedly used by many different individual users as the presentation is made to many different groups that are viewing the presentation.

    The headphone covers shown are the Large White Stretchable Headphone Covers. By placing the covers over the headphones, each person can be sure that they will not be exposed to undesirable germs or head lice from prior headphone users.

    Listeners are wearing shared headphones at a trade show. The headphone covers are easily removed and replaced between the presentations so that each new group puts on a headphone with a clean cover protecting the foam cushion of the headphone.

    Each user knows that they are not being exposed to undesirable germs, viruses and the biological material, hair, perfume, cologne and sweat of the prior headphone user.

    All our sanitary disposable headphone covers can be viewed online at the following URL:


  • Create a Quote

    If you would like to create a quotation or determine the cost of ordering some item(s) online, here are a few simple steps that you can complete on your own. These steps will allow you to view the total amount of an order and you can do this without making a purchase commitment.

    1. Select the quantity desired and add the items to the cart
    2. Click on Go to Cart
    3. Enter in your Country, State, City and Zip Code, then click ESTIMATE
    4. Choose a shipping method and then click Update Total
    5. Review the total amount and print the page if you want a copy of the quote
    6. When you are ready, you can proceed with your purchase

    Step 1: Select the Quantity and Add the Items to the Shopping Cart

    View the items online that are of interest. There is a quantity field where you can enter in the number of the items you want to order (as shown below inside the red square).
    Add an item to the shopping cart

    As you can see above, we added 2 each of the MXP-S2 earphones.  Click on the blue colored ADD TO CART button as shown in the above photo. This will place the items into the virtual "online" shopping cart. This step is the equivalent to placing items into your shopping cart while you are still browsing around at your local store.

    Step 2: Go to the Shopping Cart

    After you click on the blue ADD TO CART button, a message will appear on the screen saying "Adding Product to Cart" as shown below:

    Click on Go to Cart Click on Button that says GO TO CART

    This dialog box will show that you can Keep on Shopping, or Go to Cart. If you click on the Keep on Shopping button. it will allow you to continue browsing the store so you can continue adding items to the shopping cart.


    Step 3: Enter in Your Country, State, City and Zip Code (Postal Code)

    After clicking on the Go to Cart button, it will take you to the next step in the checkout process. This is equivalent to taking your items to the register, and asking for a total before you place an order.

    Enter in your Country, State, City and Zip Code

    Here you will see a box appear with the title saying ESTIMATE SHIPPING AND TAX. In this box, you will want to enter in your Country and State (or Province) using the drop-down fields. You will have to type in your City and Zip (or Postal Code). Once all the information is filled in, click on the blue ESTIMATE link text button, as shown in the bottom right corner.


    Step 4: Display the Shipping Options

    Click on the ESTIMATE link
    The shopping cart will analyze your location and Zip Code and use the combined weight of the items in your shopping cart. It will display all the shipping methods and prices. Select one of these shipping options based on the delivery time frame and pricing that suits your particular needs.

    Shipments going to customers in Florida are usually delivered in one business day if they are shipped by FedEx Ground. Parcels going by First Class Mail to most major US Cities will deliver in 3 to 4 days and Priority Mail will deliver in 2 to 3 days.

    Once you have selected one of the shipping methods, click on the blue button that says UPDATE TOTAL. The cart will total the cost of the selected items, any sales tax and the method of shipping, then display the grand total for your review.


    Step 5: Choose the Method of Shipment from the Options Displayed

    Here is an example of the earphones we selected, being shipped to Homewood, Alabama with Zip Code 35209.
    Click on a shipping method and Update Total
    As you can see, it displays the selected shipping method. You can see the selected method has a blue dot in the box of the chosen shipping method.

    Below it will display the total amount, similar to what you see in the graphic shown here on the left side of this page.

    As you can see, it shows the location and Zip Code at the top, the shipping method you chose below that, and at the bottom section it displays the grand total with tax and shipping included.

    For those of you looking only to create a quotation, you could theoretically just print out this page and pass it on to get the purchase approval.

    Those placing their order with a PO should select a FedEx shipping option. Typically FedEx Ground is used because FedEx provides real-time package tracking and a delivery signature confirmation.

    Keep in mind that if your order is delayed, the shipping cost could change by the time you actually place your order. Although this does not happen very often, you need to keep in mind that the shipping rates are calculated by each of the various shipping carriers at the time that the order is placed.

    When you are ready to actually place your order you can come back and continue placing your order.

    If you left the web site for a couple of hours (or days) and then returned, you can click on the shopping cart icon that is located at the top right corner of any of the shopping cart web pages. You may find that your browser can still display the items in your cart and allow you to proceed to the checkout. If the items are no longer in the cart, you will have to repeat steps 1 through 5 above.

    Step 6: Complete Your Online Purchase

    If you are ready at this point, you can complete your purchase by clicking on the blue button that says PROCEED TO CHECKOUT. A form will appear allowing you to enter in your shipping and billing address. At that time, it will allow you to log-in (if you are a registered user) or create your registration. Then you will be able to complete the payment by credit card, check or money order, purchase order, PayPal or Pay with Amazon. After you have completed the payment phase, you will receive an email with a receipt, showing the items were purchased, and the fulfillment company can then pick, pack and ship out your order.

    NOTE: You can use the yellow PayPal and Amazon payment buttons instead of the PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button. Customers with an existing PayPal or Amazon account will enter in their user data, bypassing many steps in the shopping cart, speeding up the checkout and payment processes.


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