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BudFits ear-hook accessory for any earphone cable (white), pack of 2

BudFits ear-hook accessory for any earphone cable (white), pack of 2

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BudFits ear-hook accessory for any earphone cable (white), pack of 2 • Part No. BUD-FIT-W

Wraps Around the Ear to Hold Earbuds and Earphones In Place

  • Converts almost any earphone into a wrap-around earpiece

  • Holds Earphones in position so they will stay in your ear and won't fall out

  • Cord is automatically wrapped around the back of the ear

  • Ideal for sports use and any individuals that have problems with earphones that fall out of their ears

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BudFits ear-hook accessory for any earphone cable (white), pack of 2 • Part No. BUD-FIT-W

The most secure and comfortable way to wear earphones and earbuds.

  • Compatible with nearly all iPod® and iPhone® earbuds and earphones
  • These BudFits are white in color and will work with most all types of earphones
  • The cord slips into a groove opening of the curved silicone rubber earpiece to keep your earphone positioned in your ear so that it can't fall out as you move about
  • These BudFits are made for use with your own earphones (earphones not included)
  • Converts your own earphones into a ear-hugger type earphone that is held in place by a contoured silicone rubber holder
  • Comfortably holds the earphone earpiece in the best possible position for comfortable hearing
  • Flexible silicone rubber material is soft, easy on the ear and tucks the cord inside so it goes over the top of the ear and behind
  • The cord is neatly pulled through, up and over the top of the earpiece so that the cord is out of the way during use
  • BudFits easily flex to conform to just about any size ear
  • Cord threads through a channeled groove inside the soft silicone rubber ear-shaped wrap-around holder
  • Perfect solution for those who have difficulty keeping an earpiece in their ear
  • Works well for bicycling enthusiasts, jogging, running, riding a motorcycle, hiking and just about any physical activity
  • Earphones are held by a soft flexible silicone rubber material that hooks over the top of the ear
  • White color is made to blend with white earphones
  • We used to also have black and frosted clear, however only the white ones are still available, and they will probably sell out quickly
  • You won't have to worry about your earphones falling out of your ears, if you have Bud-Fits holding your earbuds in place
  • Perfect solution for those who just can't keep an earphone in their ear
  • BudFits are great for sport and physical activities because you know the earbuds will not fall out of your ears
  • Well suited for activities such as Jogging, Exercise, Bicycling, Motorcycle Riding, Running, Dancing, Hiking

If you have ever had trouble keeping an earphone in your ear, these BudFits will solve your problem.

  • Usable with your existing earphones
  • Flexible contoured holder, easily threads the earphone in place and wraps around the ear
  • Holds just about any earphone in place as you move about
  • Even works with Earphones when lying flat against a pillow and will hold the earphone in the most comfortable position

Each package contains 2 BudFits - Use with 2 single earphones or with a pair of left and right stereo earphones.

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Additional Information

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