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Coiled Audio Extension Cable, Extends 6 Feet (2 meters)

Coiled Audio Extension Cable, Extends 6 Feet (2 meters)

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Coiled Flexible Extension Cable - Extends up to 6 feet long - Part No. SS-205

  • Takes up hardly any space and flexes from 3 feet to a desired length up to 6 feet long

  • Audio cable has 3.5mm Male Plug to 3.5mm Female Jack (Same as 1/8-inch plug and jack)

  • Schools and Offices often purchase these to extend Desktop and Laptop Computer Rear Jacks

  • Eliminates having to reach behind the computer to connect the stereo headphones

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Flexible Coiled Stereo Headphone Extension Cable - Part No. SS-205

Coiled cord extends any headphone cable up to 6 feet

  • Coiled Cable has 3.5mm sub-miniature male plug on one end and female 3.5mm jack on the other end
  • Easily extend a stereo headphone or earphone from 3 feet all the way to about 6 feet as the cord flexes and extends as needed
  • Coiled cord enables the cable to be neatly tucked away and then extended to your desired length
  • Compatible with the audio jack on found on desktop and laptop computers for use with headphones, earphones and bookshelf audio systems
  • Universal  Audio Extension Cable will work with MONO or STEREO Headphones or Earphones- will accommodate either plug or jack
  • Compatible with DVD Players, MP3 Players and CD Players to extend the length of the headphone or earphone jack
  • Great for Audio/Visual Labs and School Computers enabling students to plug in headphones without having to reach for the back of the desktop computer
  • Great for use in an automobile to connect an iPod to your in-dash stereo system
  • Can be used to extend a computer desk microphone audio input or audio output jack for laptop and desktop computers
  • In a relaxed state, the flexible coiled cord is about 3 feet long and will easily stretch out to 6-7 feet in length
  • Coiled Cord makes it easy to store or carry the extension cable for use when you need to lengthen a headphone or earphone cord
  • Popular 3.5mm jack and plug is compatible with 1/8-inch sub-mini male plug and 1/8-inch female sub-miniature jack
  • Audio Extension Can be can be used with powered computer speakers connected your iPod or other MP3 player
  • Will work with Laptop Computers, Desktop Computers, iPod, MP-3 Players, DVD Players, Headphones, Microphones, Audio Recorders and Portable Electronic Equipment
  • Often purchased for Desktop and Laptop Computers, to Extend the Headphone or Microphone Jack to a convenient location
  • Enables users to frequently connect and disconnect headphones, earphones, headsets and headset microphones
  • Frequently ordered for Schools and Training Facilities for Computer Labs, Library Audio Systems, Audio Visual Equipment, Headphones and Earphones
  • Saves the computer jack from the abuse of plugging and unplugging headphones on a repetitive basis
  • Heavy Duty Cord is made to withstand regular daily use and is flexible so it will suit just about any layout
  • This same cord retails for $12.95 to $16.95 on other web sites and $19.95 in office supply stores
    Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Cable Length 6 feet 6 inches (2 Meters)
    Plug Type 3.5mm 3-Cond Stereo
    Jack Type 3.5mm 3-Cond Stereo
    Plug style Straight
    Plug Plating Nickel
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