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Docking Unit for iPod and iPhone

Docking Unit for iPod and iPhone

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Quick Overview

Universal iPod / iPhone Docking Station • Part No. PIDOCK1

  • This docking unit can be used in combination with either our J-4002 (Patient Sound System Kit) or SBK-BT (Stereo Builder's Kit)
  • Will enable an iPhone or iPod to continuously play music through the Stereo System aux input
  • This particular docking unit is compatible with iPhone and iPod models having a 30-pin connector
  • Place your iPod or iPhone into the dock to continuously play music without worrying about the battery level
  • Enables an audio cable connection to the aux input of either the Bose Acoustic Wave Music System or Stereo Builder's Kit to play music from a docked iPod or iPhone


Universal iPod / iPhone Docking Station • Part No. PIDOCK1

If you have an older iPod or iPhone with a 30-pin dock connector you can use it as a music source with the iTunes ap to play stored music or Apple's Radio selections. You can also connect your iPod or iPhone wirelessly it to a Wi-Fi network and play music from streaming services, such as Pandora or Spotify.

This docking unit will be perfect add-on for either the J-4002 (Deluxe MRI Stereo System Kit) or SBK-BT (Stereo Builder's Kit). Our IS-2002 (Economical MRI Stereo System Kit) already comes with a 30-pin docking unit built right in, so you would not benefit from this add-on option. NOTE: Newer iPod, iPhone and iPad devices have an 8-pin lightning jack, so they will not work with this universal docking station. For all the newer model Apple products using the lightning jack, you would be best to use a lightning jack equipped Apple Dock.

    • If you have an older iPod or iPhone model with a 30-pin docking jack, you will be able to use it in combination with this universal docking station to play an entire collection of music, taking advantage of the continuous power from this docking unit
    • Use your older iPod or iPhone with Wi-Fi to play music continuously from music streaming services, such as Spotify or Pandora
    • An iPod or iPhone loaded with music can be an alternative to using many different CD's to play music
    • This docking unit makes it possible to play music continuously to the aux input on selected MRI stereo sound systems
    • Using iTunes, you can shuffle between a variety of music all day, so you never have to search for music or hear the same CD's over and over again
    • You could convert your whole collection of CD's and load them all onto an iPod using iTunes software
    • You can also very easily play a patient's choice of music by organizing and playing music such as Pop, Jazz, Country, Classical and Hip-Hop from selected folders
      • You can be the DJ and enable patients to easily request one of their favorite selections. 
      • Simply jump to the folder and pick any song so that the iPod (or iPhone) will simply shuffle through all the similar music
      • Allow patients to bring in their own iPod or iPhone
        • Quickly and easily play their own music for them while they are in the scanner
        • Just pop their iPod or iPhone into the docking unit and you're ready to play their music.
        • If they have portable device that is not compatible with the docking unit, just unplug the audio cable from the dock and insert the 3.5mm plug into the patient's device headphone jack
        • After your are done playing the music from that device, you can just plug it back into the universal docking station.

Devices Compatible with the 30-Pin Docking Connector

Apple's proprietary 30-pin connector was common to the earliest Apple iPhone model and they continued to offer devices with the 30-pin docking connector all the way up through the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S models. The 30-pin connector was also common to the 1st through 4th generation iPod Touch. In late 2012 Apple switched over to a new standard, offering models with the 8-pin Lightning connector. As a result, this universal docking station will not be compatible with the iPhone 5, iPhone 6 or iPhone 7 models or iPod Touch models because they were made after 2012 and all have an 8-pin lightning jack.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Pyle
Power Requirements 110 Volt, 60 Hz
Plug Type 3-Conductor 3.5mm Nickel
Audio-Source Built-in iPod Dock
Includes 30-Pin iPhone/iPod Dock
Features No
Compatibility MRI Patient Stereo
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