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Fabric Headphone Covers (Black), Bag of 2

Fabric Headphone Covers (Black), Bag of 2
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Fabric headphone covers (black), bag of 2 • Part No. FHCB

  • Fabric headphone covers are made of cotton and have an elastic opening to fit on headphones

  • Each order consists of 1 bag of 2 black cotton stretchable headphone covers.

  • The soft cotton fabric material feels soft and comfortable against your ears

  • Ideal for pilot headsets; They improve the comfort of most headphones, especially when temperatures and humidity change significantly

  • These cotton fabric covers can be used repeatedly on shared headsets

  • These fabric covers can be placed over degrading earpiece cushions

  • Work very well as a substitute for hard to find replacement cushions

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Fabric headphone covers (black), bag of 2 • Part No. FHCB

  • Fabric headphone covers for headphones and headsets
  • Each package contains 2 stretchable fabric type of headphone covers
  • These covers are made of a re-usable fabric material
  • The fabric material is black colored and they may be installed onto headphone earpieces to cover over the existing foam or leather cushions
  • Latex Free and Hypoallergenic
  • Extend the life of your favorite old pair of headphones with a cover that universally fits most all large earpiece headphones
  • Easily stretches around the outer edge of most any pair of large headphones
  • These are not made for small Logitech call-center style headphones because the opening is about 3-inches in diameter before it is stretched
  • Fits an earpiece up to 4.75-inches in Diameter (120mm)

Unlike our disposable headphone covers, these covers were made for regular daily use. They will certainly hold up for a long period, so if you don't want to go through the process of removing your old headphone cushion, and need to salvage an older headphone that has a deteriorating cushion, this fabric cover will be a perfect solution.

This fabric material is user friendly and has an an elasticized inside material that will help to hold the cover onto your headphone earpiece. They have a nice soft cotton feel and they are free of any latex materials. In fact, these are a perfect solution for those who are sensitive to wearing a regular pair of headphones. The fabric cover will give you a feel of nice soft woven cotton against your ears.

The inside elastic material is about 3-inches and the outer material is about 3 3/4-inches when the headphone cover is relaxed, before being installed.

Each order consists of a pair of the stretchable fabric covers, making it suitable for one headphone.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Size Large
Color Black
Material Cotton
Inside Diameter 3 to 4.75 inches
Outside Diameter No
Packaging 2 per bag
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