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Transcription Headphone Foam Earpads, Bag of 100

Transcription Headphone Foam Earpads, Bag of 100

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Transcription foam earpads, bag of 100 • Part No: DFEP100

Replacement foam earpads for transcription and dictation headsets

  • Each bag contains 100 individual transcription headphone foam earpads that are economically priced

  • These foam ear cushions are most commonly used on dictation and transcription headphones with a rounded earpiece

  • The sponge foam earpads surround the rounded earpiece and help to cushion the ear while naturally blocking out room noise

  • Easily replace worn old deteriorating foam earpads on most transcription headphones and headsets

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Transcription Foam Earpad Replacements for Dictation and Transcription Headphones
Bag of 100 Individual Earpads - Part No. DFEP100

Fits Most Stethoscope and Wishbone Style Dictation and Transcription Headphones, Including:

  • Olympus Dictation Headphones
  • Sanyo Transcription Headphones
  • Panasonic Transcription Headsets
  • Plantronics Dictation Headsets
  • Sony Transcription Headphones
  • Dictaphone Dictation Headphones
  • Lanier Transcription Headsets
  • Philips Transcription Headphones

These ear pad foam covers will easily replace the sponge covers on most stethoscope style and wishbone shape dictation headphones and headsets.

  • Each package contains 100 replacement transcription headphone earpads for most common types of dictation and transcription headphones
  • Just pull off the old foam pad covering your earpiece and stretch on the new foam earpads
  • It's really easy to swap out the old foam pads on your dictation headphones with our new foam sponge ear pad covers
  • Improved fit and comfort for most Olympus Spectra headphone users with our foam earpads
  • These new covers are perfect for Dictaphone dictation headphones
  • We also offer them in smaller bags with only 20 pieces as part number DFEP20

Product Composition

The foam ear pads are made out of a polyurethane open-cell foam material that is flexible and will stretch around earpieces. These hypoallergenic foam earpads are completely latex free and come packaged in a clear plastic bag. No heavy metals were used in their production and they are RoHS compliant.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Material Foam
Cover Quantity 100 earpads
Earpiece Size in Inches 7/8 inch
Earpiece Size in mm 21mm
Packaging Reclosable bag
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