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Headphone and Headset Size Database

Headphone and Headset Size Database

Tell Us Which Earpads of Cushions Fit Your Headphones

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Please tell us which cushion or earpad fit your model headphone or headset so we can post the sizing online for other customers.
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A00031 Wireless Headphone
980445 and H555 Premium Notebook Headset
H330 USB Headset (Part A-00014)
LOGITECH Clearchat A-00006
Norman Z says the LEC70 (70mm Leatherette) cushion fit the Logitech A00031 wireless headset According to customer reports the HIL53 (50mm leatherette) cushion fit this headset. Some customers found the cushions had a very tight fit however the HIL53 (50mm size) provided the optimal fit.
For more information and photos of the 50mm cushions on the Premium Notebook Headset, view this web page.

Customers indicate earpiece measures 60mm x 55mm (avg 57mm) and the LEC62 (60mm) leatherette cushion will fit.

The LEC62 cushions fit like a glove

H800 Headset
H600 Headset
David N says the EMT56 (55mm leatherette) went on, but was very tight. It may be best to go with the LEC62 if you'd prefer not to struggle getting the cushion to fit your headset David N says the LEC80 was a slightly too big for the H600, so it may be best to go with the LEC70 (70mm size leatherette cushions




SONY MDR-201 &
55mm Leatherette

L-70-4 70mm Earpads

or LEC70 70mm Leatherette

Earpiece size is
80mm x 70mm
Accepts the 80mm Teardrop Shaped Foam

70mm Foam Earpads and LEC70 Leatherette Cushions fit Perfectly LEC115
115mm Leatherette Cushions
Fit this Headphone


Plantronics Model 995H Wireless Headset
Norman Z says The LEC80 (80mm Leatherette) cushion fit his Plantronics Model 995H wireless headset

Behringer HPS3000

The LEC100 Leatherette Cushions are the best option

Fostex T20
The LEC100 Leatherette Cushions are the best option

Movies-to-Go Wireless Headphones
The 80mm Foam Earpads are known to fit the Movies-to-Go vehicle wireless headphones.
The 80LEA Leatherette Cushions should also fit these same vehicle wireless headphones.
Most vehicle entertainment systems and DVD players use an Infrared Wireless Headphone. They all are similar in shape and use the 80mm teardrop shaped Earpads and Cushions. These same earpads and cushions are used with most automobiles, trucks, SUV's, campers and business jet airplanes that have built-in DVD players.

Koss Behind-the-Head Headphones with 2 1/8 inch diameter Earpiece
The EMT56 55mm leatherette cushions fit the Koss headphones that have a headband which curves downward and wraps behind the back of the head. The customer measured the earpiece as having a 2 1/8" diameter earpiece and the 55mm leatherette cushions fit perfectly.

EarHugger and Lexington noise canceling headphones
The LEC70 Leatherette Cushions fit these as a perfect replacement

Chevy Suburban DVD System
Part No. 80MM 80mm Teardrop Shaped Foam Earpads perfect fit

Sentry 880CD Headphones
LEC100 (100mm Leatherette Cushion) is a perfect fit (Thanks, Richard C.)

Klipsch Image One (mk 1)
The 80LEA teardrop shaped leatherette cushions were spot on and appeared to be factory made for that headphone

The LEC115 cushions were a perfect fit for this headphone

Afterglow Wireless Universal Headset
The LEC90 Leatherette Headphone Cushions fit the Afterglow Wireless Universal Headset

The LEC80 (80mm) leatherette headphone cushions fit and are slightly looser thatn the original cushions

Allegro Wireless Headphones Model ALG2032
The earpiece diameter is 76mm and LEC80 (80mm) leatherette headphone cushions fit and are slightly looser thatn the original cushions

AKG K-60
I just bought a pair of LEC100 ear cushions from you. The LEC100 fit an AKG K-60 perfectly. Excellent value for money. Said Poul.

AKG K-70
The LEC80 cushions were a perfect fit for the AKG K-70 headphones

Realistic Custom Pro
Ron A. reports: "The headphone cushions LEC105 arrived today and are close to perfect"

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