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Heavy Duty VELCRO Strips, Package of 4

Heavy Duty VELCRO Strips, Package of 4

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Heavy Duty VELCRO Strips, Package of 4 • P/N SJ3560

  • Heavy duty Velcro® strips to secure the Patient Acoustic Interface

  • Each MRI Stereo Kit includes these strips with the kit

  • These Velcro strips will allow you to Re-position your Patient Acoustic Interface

  • Each Velcro strip is about 4 inches in length with a sticky adhesive backing

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Heavy Duty VELCRO Strips, Package of 4 • P/N SJ3560

  • We offer these Velcro strips here for our MRI patient stereo customers
  • The Velcro will hold the Patient Acoustic Interface in place on the floor next to the MRI Magnet Cover (in close proximity to the MRI Scanner)
  • These will come in handy if you need to move the box to clean the floor
  • These clear plastic Velcro strips snap together and have a very strong grip
  • The Velcro strips have a peel and stick adhesive backing
  • The two sets of Velcro strips will remain in place until you physically separate them
  • The new fresh set of strips can replace old ones that have been removed during maintenance
  • The Velcro uses plastic hook-and-loop fasteners both halves look the same and they snap into each other
  • Each piece of Velcro has a sticky back surface that will hold onto the acrylic plastic and clean floor extremely well
  • Unlike the Velcro that uses cloth, these hook-and-loops are much stronger so they are very hard to pull apart unless you forcibly unsnap them from each other
  • These Velcro strips are MRI safe and help to maintain proper safe positioning of the Patient Acoustic Interface acrylic box
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Additional Information

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