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Microphone Windscreens (11mm Inside Diameter x 32mm Inside Depth), Bag of 2

Microphone Windscreens (11mm Inside Diameter x 32mm Inside Depth), Bag of 2
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Microphone windscreens (11mm inside diameter x 32mm inside depth), bag of 2 • Part No.: HM-1132

  • Replacement Foam Windscreen fits many types of microphones:

    • Podium microphones

    • Desk Mikes

    • Headsets

    • Drum microphones and Instrument mikes

    • All types of instrument microphones ranging from violin, guitar, harmonica to saxophone

    • Suspended stage microphones

  • Restore your microphone to like new condition

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Microphone windscreens (11mm inside diameter x 32mm inside depth), bag of 2 • Part No.: HM-1132

Ideally, you should make a measurement of the diameter of the microphone. Alternatively, you can measure across the area where the microphone was inserted into the old foam windscreen. The HM-1132 fits microphones with a diameter that is 7/16 inch in size (11mm). As you will see in the pictures, that is about the diameter of a AAA Battery. 

Next, measure the length of the microphone that will be inserted into the windscreen. A microphone will insert 1 1/4 inches (32mm) into the HM-1132 microphone windscreen. So if the hole depth is about 1.25 inches, and the diameter across the opening is about 7/16 inch, then the HM-1132 microphone windscreen will be a good fit for your microphone.

Inside Diameter 0.433" 7/16 inch 11mm
Inside Depth 1.259" 1 1/4 inches 32mm
Overall Height 1.575" 1 1/2 inches 40mm
Overall Diameter 1.063" 1 1/16 inches 27mm
Color Black    
Quantity 2 per Poly Bag    
SKU No. HM-1132    
Unit Bag  (2 Pieces Per Bag)  
  • Windscreen fits podium type microphones and headworn dynamic microphones
  • Each P/N HM-1132 contains 2 microphone windscreens in a re-closable polybag
  • This size microphone windscreen is most commonly used with microphones that are about 1/2" in diameter
  • Windscreen fits on one-half inch diameter microphones on headsets and on podium mikes
  • Replace the sponge foam on your mike to give it a new refreshed look and reduce noise from wind
  • Microphone windscreens will become worn over time so now you can replace the foam microphone windscreen to give your microphone a clean fresh windscreen covering
  • Windscreen pricing enables you to buy 2 of our windscreens for the price most companies would charge for 1
  • Quantity discount pricing enables you to replace the microphone windscreens frequently
  • These windscreens are used by many spinning class instructors with their Sure headworn microphones
  • Restore that professional look to your old worn microphones, simply by removing and replacing the windscreen
  • Windscreens are easily removed and replaced, making your microphone look like new
  • These Windscreens will prevent wind noise and improve speech, reducing audio pop sounds to enhance your overall sound quality

Microphone Windscreen Compatibility with the HM-1132 Foam Windscreen:

AKG Microphone Windscreens
• C410, C621, C921
  Audio-Technica Microphone Windscreens
• ATM35, ATM71, PRO-8H, MT853, MT857, MT858
Audix Microphone Windscreens
• ADX-40, ADX-41
  Beyer Dynamic Microphone Windscreens 
• SHM415, SHM20, SHM21
Crown Microphone Windscreens 
• CM30, CM31, CM150, LM300
  DPA Microphone Windscreens
• 4004, 4007, 4021, 4023, 4033, 4035, 4037, 4051, 4053
Peavy Microphone Windscreens 
• PM-16S, VCM-2
  Sennheiser Microphone Windscreens 
• 3608, HMD-25-1, HMD 224, PC360, PC350, PC363D, G4ME ZERO, G4ME ONE
Shure Brothers Microphone Windscreens
• 512, Beta98H/C, SM2, SM10, SM11, SM12, SM102,
  Windtech 500 Series Windscreens

For additional details and pictures of all the microphone windscreens view the downloadable files found at the bottom of this web page

Additional Information

Additional Information

Inside Diameter 7/16 in (11 mm)
Inside Depth 1 14 in (32 mm)
Overall Height 1.575 in (40 mm)
Outside Diameter 1 1/16 in (27 mm)
Color Black
Packaging 2 per bag
Compatibility No
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