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Mono Headphone with Straight 3.5mm Plug and 6-foot Cord

Mono Headphone with Straight 3.5mm Plug and 6-foot Cord
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Mono Headphones • Part No. M-103A

  • Reasonably priced mono headphones deliver high quality monaural sound to both ears

  • Headphones have a 3.5mm mono straight-style 2-conductor (with single-black band) male plug

  • Headphone earpieces are fixed and will not swivel or fold flat

  • Commonly used as replacement headphones for cassette players, TV's, AM/FM radios and audio devices that accept a 3.5mm 2-conductor plug

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Mono Headphones • Part No. M-103A

  • Reasonably priced mono headphones and are different from our M-103 headphone becuase the earpieces do not fold and these have a straight plug
  • Rare earth magnet design produces excellent audio
  • Bundled in bags of 25 with each Headphone sealed in its own plastic bag
  • The foam earpad cushions may be easily removed and replaced using our 50mm size foam earpads (Part number F-30) to allow multiple users to share the same headphones over and over in a clean, hygienic way
  • Fits most portable electronic devices, such as cassette players, portable TV's, AM/FM radios, hearing assist devices and language translation equipment
  • 6-foot cord with two conductor stereo sub-miniature 1/8-inch (3.5mm) plug
  • Great for hospital televisions and audio-visual labs non-stereo use
  • Headphones are high in quality, and will hold up well over a long time
  • Headphone earpads may be replaced to recycle headphones for multiple users - Uses our F-30 50mm Size Replacement Earpads
  • Small size disposable headphone covers may be used with these headphones so many different users can share the same headphones

What's the Difference Between Mono and Stereo?

  • The most obvious difference can be seen when looking at the silver tip of the connector
  • Stereo Plugs have three conductors on the connector, and Mono Plugs have only two conductors
  • If you plug a stereo headphone into a mono jack, you will only hear sound coming from one ear
  • If you plug a mono headphone into a stereo jack, you may hear audio in both ears, but you are shorting one of the stereo signals to ground and could damage the device you are listening to
  • Stereo headphones have a left channel and a right channel of with different audio to each ear
  • Mono headphones have the same audio going to both ears
  • Stereo audio gives a feeling of multidimensional sound that surrounds you
  • Stereo sounds like you you are right in the middle of the band or orchestra
  • Most MP3 Players, DVD Players and Computers use Stereo Sound
  • Many portable electronic devices with a single speaker use Mono sound (i.e. portable TV)
Additional Information

Additional Information

Audio Mono
Cable Length 6 feet
Plug Type Nickel-plated 3.5mm 2-Conductor Plug
Plug style Straight
Driver Size N/A
Color Black
Compatibility Mono
Frequency Response 20Hz to 20kHz
Impedance 32 Ohms
Packaging Sealed bag
Warranty 90 Day Limited Warranty
Fit No
Extras No
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