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Smartphone-Compatible Stereo Earbuds, w/3 Sized Pairs of Eartips and Zippered Earphone Carrying Case

Smartphone-Compatible Stereo Earbuds, w/3 Sized Pairs of Eartips and Zippered Earphone Carrying Case

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Smartphone-compatible wired stereo earbuds, with 3 sized pairs of eartips and zippered earphone carrying case • Part No. MEP-201S

  • Ergonomically designed headset earphone has a very durable, flexible cord that will minimiaze cord strain, even when the phone is in your pocket

  • The inline microphone, push-button switch and thin-profile slide volume control are well protected inside a metal control unit

  • This wired headset is compatible with all smart phones that use the CTIA (American Headset Jack) 4-conductor TRRS 3.5mm plug wiring standard

  • Listen to music on the go, easily answer incoming phone calls, and communicate hands-free with full control over your smart phone from inline metal encased control unit

  • The 3.5mm stereo 4-conductor gold-plated plug is designed to fit through even the smallest case openings

  • Earphone set includes zippered carrying case and 3 sizes of interchangeable eartips, allowing users to adjust the earpiece fit for any ear size

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Smartphone-compatible stereo earbuds, with 3 sized pairs of eartips and zippered earphone carrying case • Part No. MEP-201S

  • Wired Stereo Earphones with 4-conductor 3.5mm plug and heavy-duty cord, includes built-in microphone and push-button switch
  • Uses the CTIA type 4-conductor plug standard that is also known as the American Headset Jack (AHJ) standard TRRS plug, making it compatible with iPhone models (3G, 3GS, 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, SE, 6, 6+, 6s, 6s+)
  • This wired earphone is also compatible with most smart phones, including Android, HTC, LG, Motorola and Google Nexus phones (not compatible with the early Samsung, Nokia and Sony Erikson models)
  • Headset earphone is compatible with many gaming systems that utilize the CTIA 4-conductor TRRS plug
  • You will truly enjoy phenomenal stereo sound from this exceptional earphone, whether you are using it with your laptop, iPod, iPhone, smart phone or MP3 player
  • The push-button switch will enable you to to answer phone calls or to pause and play music from your smartphone
  • Round TPE cord is extremely durable with superior strength and great flexibility
  • This earphone includes 3 interchangeable sizes of eartips (Medium on earphone) so you can adjust the earbuds for the best comfort and fit
  • Included in this package is a phenomenal zippered carrying case with a rather robust snap clip that will easily snap onto a belt loop or back-pack
  • The Gold-plated 3.5mm plug prevents oxidization and you will enjoy clear, static free sound, even if the plug is rotated in the jack during use

Enjoy superior sound from your audio equipment

  • Works with most mobile phones to conduct hands-free phone calls
  • Compatible with the iPhone, Galaxy 5 (and up), Android, HTC, Blackberry Curve, Google Nexus and smartphones using the AHJ plug connection standard
  • Push-button switch will enable users to answer and make phone calls or pause and play music on their iPhone, iPod and iPad
  • Wired earphone will enable you to make phone calls with exceptional audio clarity using the built-in microphone
  • These stereo earphones deliver absolutely incredible clear and crisp sound quality
  • The silicone rubber eartips are angled slightly serving a dual-purpose of directing the sound down into the ear canal while they help hold the earphone in place
  • The comfortable fit will enable you to enjoy using the earphone for long periods of time without hardly even realizing they're in your ears
  • Works equally well with MP3 players, FM radios, and most stereo audio equipment
  • Uses a standardized sub-miniature 3.5mm (1/8-inch) audio plug
  • Earphone produces crisp highs, exceptional mid-range sound and a good balance of deep bass for music, talk or your favorite videos
  • The straight slim-style plug will even fit into the recessed jack in the original iPhone, making it compatible with all iPhone models that have a wired audio jack
  • These earphones were designed by biomedical engineer and audio enthusiast, Barry Leeper, and include the phenomenal support provided by Scan Sound
Additional Information

Additional Information

Color Black
Audio Stereo
Earpieces 2
Style Angled Ear Tip
Cord type Round TPE
Plug style Slim Straight
Plug Type 3.5mm 4-Cond
Plug Plating Gold
Cable Length 50 in (1.27 m)
Packaging Hanging display bag
Impedance 32 Ohms
Noise Reduction Rating 20 dB
Eartip(s) Med Eartips on Earphones, Plus 2 Sm and 2 Lg
Fit Left and Right Ear
Extras Sm, Med, Lg Eartips, Cord Clip, Built-in Microphone, Push-Button Switch
Loudness 10
Highs 8
Bass 9
Driver Size 15mm
Compatibility iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Most Audio Equipment
Frequency Response 20Hz to 20kHz
Warranty 90 Day Limited Warranty
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