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Square-Shaped Headphone Earpads, Bag of 2

Square-Shaped Headphone Earpads, Bag of 2
  • Buy 2 for $5.95 each and save 26%
  • Buy 25 for $4.50 each and save 44%
  • Buy 50 for $3.00 each and save 63%
  • Buy 100 for $2.00 each and save 75%

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Square-Shaped Headphone Earpads, Bag of 2 • Part Number SQ50

These replacement square-shaped earpads are made to fit headphones that have a square looking foam ear pad

  • If you remove the foam earpad on your earpiece and look at the small speaker (driver), you will find that most have a round speaker

  • The square-shaped foam ear pads are square when viewed from the front, but they have a round opening on the back

  • The square foam earpads are actually made to fit over a 50mm size speaker driver with an earpiece that is between 35mm (1 3/8 inches) to 44.5mm (1 3/4 inches) across

  • Each bag contains 2 foam earpads, priced at $7.95 for the pair.

  • BUY 2 PAIRS AND SAVE MONEY: If you order two pairs at one time, the price drops to $5.95 per pair.

  • Designed to fit an earpiece with a 50mm diameter speaker (driver)

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Square-Shaped Headphone Earpads, Bag of 2 • Part Number SQ50

Fits many popular Sportsband Style Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

  • Subjekt Pulse Bluetooth Wireless Headphones
  • Jaybird Sportsband Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
  • GOgroove AirBand Bluetooth Stereo Headphones
  • Easily replace worn and torn foam earpads with a new ear pad cushion for your existing headphone
  • Just remove the old sponge foam ear pad cushion and install the new one in just seconds

Technically speaking, this foam earpad is square when viewed from the front, however the rear side has a circular opening that is designed to fit onto a 50mm size earpiece. Most of the new thin stylish square and rectangular headphones actually have a circular driver. If  you pull off the existing foam, you will notice that the small speaker (driver) underneath is actually round. Most are between 1 3/8 and 1 3/4 inches in diameter, so it would be good to get out a ruler and measure across the diameter of the speaker driver. Our SQ50 square shaped headphone earpads are designed to go over the speaker drivers that are round, between the 1 3/8 and 2 inch range.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Material Foam
Cover Quantity 2 earpads
Earpiece Size in Inches 1 3/8 to 1 3/4 inches
Earpiece Size in mm 35 to 44mm
Packaging Reclosable bag
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