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80mm Teardrop-Shaped Leatherette Headphone Ear Cushions, Bag of 2

80mm Teardrop-Shaped Leatherette Headphone Ear Cushions, Bag of 2
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Part No. 80LEA - 80mm teardrop-shaped Leatherette headphone earcushions, bag of 2

  • Teardrop shaped ear pad cushions frequently used on the wireless headphones with DVD players in automobiles and most vehicle entertainment systems

  • Most all vehicles that have a built-in entertainment system all use nearly identical wireless headphones our 80mm teardrop shaped foam earpads and leatherette cushions will fit those headphones

  • The earpiece is teardrop shaped, heart shaped or egg shaped

  • The earpieces are usually 2 1/2 inch wide by 3 1/4 inch tall

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80mm teardrop-shaped Leatherette headphone ear cushions, bag of 2 • Part No. 80LEA

The 80mm teardrop-shaped Leatherette headphone ear cushions are most frequently found on infrared wireless headphones

  • Replaces the teardrop shaped leatherette type of headphone cushions that average 80mm in size
  • Often used with the headphones used vehicle DVD Players in automobiles, trucks and sport utility vehicles
  • These 80mm teardrop shaped leatherette cushions are also frequently used on infrared wireless headphones used with home wireless TV and stereo systems
  • The earpieces generally measures 63mm (2 1/2-inches) across and about 83mm (3 1/4-inches) vertically

Many of the headphone and headset manufacturers anticipate that your ear cushions will eventually degrade and that most consumers will replace their headphone or headset, rather than replace individual headphone parts. There are thousands of different headphones made every year, and generally the headphone manufacturers come out with new models each year, so they rarely keep track of parts specifications or offer any spare headphone parts. If you're like most people, you're probably attached to a favorite headphone that works quite well and fits very comfortably, but over time the pad or cushion has begun to break down. The earpads will literally begin to disintegrate, leaving a mess of flakes and crumbles, leaving black specks on your clothing. It now has become really important to consider whether to repair your old headphones or replace those aging leatherette ear pads that cover the earpieces on your favorite headset. It is actually quite easy to restore your existing headphone or headset back to like new condition, just by installing new ear cushions and this is certainly going to be the most cost effective way to go.

Oval Size Specifications - Overall Width and Overall Height Information:
3 1/4 inches from Top-to-Bottom (83mm)
2 1/2 inches from Side-to-Side (63mm)

Round Size Info:

  • If you are looking for a leatherette cushion that is round (or oval) shaped then you may want to choose our circular LEC80 80mm leatherette cushions which have an earpiece that is between 2 9/16 and 2 7/8 inches (2.56 to 2.88 inches -or metric 65 to 73 mm) in diameter
  • We also offer 80mm FOAM earpads
    • The 80mm teardrop shaped foam earpads are also found on many automotobile wireless headphones
    • The foam earpads have can stretch much more than the leatherette style cushions

It is actually quite easy to remove the old leatherette cushion or foam pad and install the new leatherette style cushions. Typically they are only held in place by the way they are stretched around the outer edges of the headphone earpiece. So you can usually take off the old cushion very easily simply by stretching to pull the cushion off of the earpiece. The new cushion is fitted onto the earpiece by holding one edge as you work the rest of the cushion material around the outside edges of the earpiece. You can Click here to view a YouTube video that will show you how to install these cushions on a headphone.

  • The 80LEA leatherette cushions will fit most all types of teardrop shaped wireless headphones
  • The leather-like cushion material is tear-drop shaped, so it fits most of the popular Infrared Wireless Headphones that are commonly found in automobiles and trucks that use in-vehicle DVD Players, Game Systems and Built-in Entertainment units. It is easy to recognize the earpiece by its unique tear-drop shaped foam cushion or leather-like headphone cushion. Most of these headphones were made with different brand names, such as Audiovox, Alpine, XoVision, TV Listener, AblePlanet, Fahrenheit HP, but they all have the same tear-drop shaped earpiece
  • Many individuals will opt to replace their foam teardrop shaped earpads with the leatherette style cushions because they offer a more comfortable fit
    • Keep in mind that the foam earpads have a lot more stretch
    • If you order the leatherette cushions, be sure that the measurements are approximately 2 1/2 inches wide by 3 1/4 inches tall
  • Our leatherette cushions are thick and made to provide greater comfort than traditional foam earpads
  • Don't buy a new headphone, when you can upgrade to the leatherette cushions - they're easy to install
  • These leatherette cushions will fit the headphones that are commonly used in cars, trucks, campers, vans and sport utility vehicles that have a built-in DVD player entertainment system
  • The infrared wireless headphones that accept these cushions are commonly used with mini-vans, SUV's, trucks, campers, luxury cars, factory installed and custom installed DVD Player in-vehicle entertainment systems in many Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, Chrysler, Nissan, Lexus, General Motors, Buick, Lincoln, Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Oldsmobile, Honda, Cadillac and Infinity Vehicles
  • 80mm size simulated leather material cushions for teardrop shaped (egg shaped) wireless headphones
  • Typically fit automobile and vehicle wireless entertainment system headphones, such as Audiovox, Clarion, Able Planet and more
  • Each purchase comes with a set of 2 Headphone Cushions
  • Our teardrop shaped cushions will fit most types of Infrared Wireless Headphones (see full example headphones in the tabs below)
  • Our orders typically ship the next business day so be sure to let us know if you are in a rush to get your order shipped out the same day.
  • If you need these for a vacation, trip or special occasion, let us know and we will be happy to offer a shipping method that gets the order to you in time

Forget going to your local car dealer - Most will try to sell you new headphones, and they often don't even know about the replacement cushions. 

Product Composition

The leatherette headphone cushions are made out of PVC material that is synthetically made to look like a breathable leather. A polyurethane coating helps to maintain a soft outer finish that is quite flexible. These simulated leather headset cushions are slightly higher in quality (and made to last longer) than the original cushions on most older headphones. The simulated leather material is hypoallergenic and completely latex free. No heavy metals are used in the production of the headphone cushions and they are RoHS compliant. Following their manufacture, these headphone cushions are grouped in pairs and they are sold in a zippered styled plastic bag.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Material Leatherette
Cover Quantity 2 ear cushions
Earpiece Size in Inches 2 1/2 by 3 1/4 in teardrop
Earpiece Size in mm 63mm by 83mm teardrop
Packaging Reclosable bag

Customer Reviews 3 item(s)

8mm leatherette
I found this web site via a search. I emailed photo and dimensions for guidance. A scan sound rep. Emailed me back within the next day. I received the new earpieces and they are more comfortable than the original. The original pads layer on my ear while these surround the ear. My headphones are Klipsch.
Review by eddie / (Posted on 5/2/2016)
Good Value and fit on a Sony D33 headphone
Fits OK. The vinyl stretches over the channel. Looks and feels good.
Review by FreshMeadowsGuy / (Posted on 1/23/2015)
Super Easy
Went on quick and easy. My headsets are just like new again. THANKS a lot.
Review by Jane M / (Posted on 8/29/2014)
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