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TeleMask Disposable Telephone Covers, Bag of 25

TeleMask Disposable Telephone Covers, Bag of 25

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TeleMask Sanitary Disposable Telephone Covers, Bag of 25 • Part No. TMC-25

  • Each package contains 25 individual disposable covers

  • The TeleMask covers are designed to eliminate the spread of germs, bacteria, influenza and Coronavirus from public telephones in schools, hospitals, clinics, offices, courthouses and incarceration facilities

  • The TeleMask disposable phone covers are made of the same synthetic material used in surgical masks

  • All audio passes through the covers while protecting users from contagious germs that remain on telephones for many days

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TeleMask Sanitary Disposable Telephone Covers, Bag of 25 • Part No. TMC-25

TeleMask telephone covers are used to protect users of telephone handsets from coming into contact with germs on public phones.

  • Public phones can accumulate spittle from many different telephone users over the course of time
  • The accumulation of germs on public phones can grow and and easily spread among all who come into contact with the phones
  • TeleMask covers are specially designed disposable covers that are made out of a thin lightweight material that fits over the telephone handsets to allow audio through, while shielding users from telephone contagion
  • An elastic stretch material enables the covers to be wrapped around the mouthpiece and earpiece of the telephone handsets
  • Each bag contains 25 individual TeleMask sanitary disposable covers
  • Provides a simple and convenient barrier to protect against germs and pathogens that can be lay dormant on public telephone receivers for days
  • Conveniently portable and simple to use and swiftly apply to any telephone
  • Inspiring confidence in health-conscious consumers, the TeleMask will allow anyone to utilize public telephones or share a phone with others without the fear of encountering infectious germs or pathogens
  • TeleMask Covers are made from a Non-Woven material that will allow sound to pass through and limit the potential for exposure to surfaces that may contain germs, flu and Coronavirus
  • Frequently used on telephones in jails and detention centers to shield inmates and visitors who use the phones to communicate
Additional Information

Additional Information

Size 0 to 3 inches (0 to 7.6cm)
Color White
Material Non Woven Polypropylene
Inside Diameter 2 to 3 inches
Outside Diameter No
Packaging 25 per Bag
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