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Whoosh! Screen Shine Duo Pack (3.4 Oz. Sprayer, 0.3 Oz. Travel Sprayer, and 2 Microfiber Cloths)

Whoosh! Screen Shine Duo Pack (3.4 Oz. Sprayer, 0.3 Oz. Travel Sprayer, and 2 Microfiber Cloths)

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Whoosh! Screen Shine Duo Pack • Part No. WHOOSH-DUO

  • All natural cleaning solution for all types of High-Tech Gear

  • The screen shine duo pack includes 2 bottles of cleaning solution and 2 microfiber cleaning cloths

  • Includes one small travel size (0.3 fluid ounce) bottle of cleaner spray

  • Includes one larger 3.4 fluid ounce spray bottle of Whoosh! cleaner spray

  • This all natural cleaning solution is ideal for all kinds of shared products, such as Headphones, Earphones, Prism Glasses, MRI Headphones, Cell Phones, Tablets, Computer Screens, Equipment Knobs, Keypads, Remote Control Units and Virtual Reality Head Gear

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Whoosh! Screen Shine Duo Pack • Part No. WHOOSH-DUO

Recommended cleaner to protect users from Bacteria, Colds, Flu and Viruses that can be found on shared equipment.

Protect your Call-Center Headsets, Headbands, Microphones, Audio Devices, Cameras, Glasses, Microscopes, Employee Badges and all types of High-Tech gear.

  • Whoosh! is a non-toxic cleaner that is specifically designed to clean electronic products and is safe for use on high-tech screens, glass, plastic and metal surfaces
  • Ideal for cleaning shared equipment to remove proteins that can spread germs among many different users
  • Keep your equipment germ free and hygienically safe by cleaning away harmful bacteria and viruses such as the common cold and flu
  • This is an excellent all around cleaner for cell phones, tablets, laptop, computer screens and consumer electronic products
  • Safe for all types of plastic products to keep them clean and bacteria-free
  • No chemicals so its 100% safe and high-tech friendly
  • Helps to resist fingerprints so your screens, phone and glasses will be clean and easy to read
  • Get rid of dirt and germs where bacteria can hide and spread

Shared headphones, call-center headsets, earphones, glasses, tablets, cameras, lenses, stethoscopes, microscopes, phones, tablets and all kinds of personal devices all will accumulate of lot of proteins and these devices can harbor harmful bacteria that is easily spread from one person to another. The Whoosh! cleaning products are designed to help you keep all of these gadgets clean and free of germs. Any where you share equipment with many different users, you will find a high level of germs accumulating on the surface. In the hospital environment, this can become a serious medical hazard as bacteria can easily grow on glasses, headphones, earphones and the many products that just need to be properly cleaned and hygienically free so they don't become a breeding ground for spreading germs and bacteria. Whoosh! is an excellent cleaning agent for MRI facilities and medical imaging centers, because you can depend on the cleaning solution to protect your products without damaging the equipment.

Whoosh! is made with a proprietary formula which leaves a nano-thin invisble coating to provide resistance to dust, dirt, oils and fingerprints, keeping your products clean and safe for multiple users.

Whoosh! is alcohol and amonia free so it won't damage equipment.

The DUO+ Pack includes 2 different sized bottles of Screen Shine and it also comes with 2 antimicrobial microbiber cloths.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Cable Length No
Color No
Compatibility No
Driver Size No
Eartip(s) No
Frequency Response No
Impedance No
Model Whosh! Screen Shine DUO+ Pack
Noise Reduction Rating No
Packaging 2 per bag
Plug Type No
Warranty No
Manufacturer Scan Sound
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