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Audio Extension Cable, 6 Feet = 1.83 meters

Audio Extension Cable, 6 Feet = 1.83 meters
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Audio Extension Cable, 6 Feet = 1.83 meters • Part No. EX-333

  • Use this as a headphone extension cable to extend your audio equipment jack

  • 3.5 mm jack audio extension cable for headphones or earphones

  • Cable has a 3.5mm male stereo plug on one end and 3.5 mm female audio jack on the opposite end

  • Audio extension cord is 6-feet long and will act as an extender cord for all kinds of audio devices

  • Compatible with stereo and mono headphones and earphones, including iPod® MP3 players and most audio products

  • This 3.5mm audio extension cable can extend the cord reach for a TV set, amplified bookshelf speakers, desktop computer jack and laptop computer audio jack and more

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Audio Extension Cable, 6 Feet = 1.83 meters • Part No. EX-333

Lengthen your earphones or headphones with audio extension cable

  • Audio extension cable can enable you to extend your headphone jack by 6-feet
  • Use this extension universally with any Stereo or Mono earphone or headphone jack combination
  • Cable has a 3.5mm male plug on one end and 3.5mm female jack on the other end
  • Cord will easily extend a desktop computer rear audio jack up to your desktop
  • 1/8-inch male plug to 1/8-inch female jack sub-miniature plug and jack size is compatible with most radios, televisions, computers, ipod, mp3 players, headphones, earphones and amplified bookshelf stereo speaker systems
  • Can be used to extend either the computer's red microphone jack or green audio output jack to the desktop for students to use headphones or earphones
  • Will work as either an earphone extension cable or headphone extender cable
  • Buy 2 so you can extend the red headphone and green earphone jacks from rear of computer to the desktop level for headphone and headset use and to keep users away from computer connections
  • High-quality audio cable includes a high-quality sub-mini 3.5mm male plug and female jack for static-free connections with clear audio
  • Just the right length of wire, eliminating excess cable from collecting dust behind your desk
  • Perfect length to bring the audio jacks from behind your desktop computer up to desk level for easy access

Audio extension cable, 1.83 meters (6 feet). Audio extension cable will enables many different users to conveniently plug in headphones, headsets or earphones. Eliminates having to fish behind computers or stereo systems to plug into the audio jack. Will actually prevent damage to the audio jack in your stereo, computer or TV if many users plug into the extension cable instead.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Cable Length 6 feet (1.83 meters)
Plug Type 3.5mm 3-Cond Stereo
Jack Type No
Plug style Straight
Plug Plating Nickel
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