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Where are the Products Shipped From?

Most of our products are warehoused and shipped from a fulfillment company located in Coconut Creek, Florida. A fulfillment specialist will pull the items from the shelves, package them for shipment and all the items are picked-up daily by most of the shipping carriers. A $3.00 fulfillment fee is charged for each package they ship, and that fee is factored into the shipping and handling charges. The fulfillment company will prepare each order, ensuring that each item arrives at the correct address in excellent condition.

How Long Does the Shipping Take?

First Class Mail shipments going to most metropolitan cities in the US will take about 3 business days. Priority Mail will generally arrive in about 2 business days. Customers can expect US Postal Service shipments may take a little longer, depending on delays during the holiday rush or if severe weather impacts travel of the mail between Florida and the customer's delivery address. Shipments going FedEx Ground to customers within the state of Florida are generally delivered in one business day. All the shipping prices and options will be displayed before you check-out, and there are many FedEx options for expedited delivery. Please keep in mind that delivery times can vary depending on holidays and severe weather. Customers can log into our web site to review their orders and obtain their shipment tracking details at any time. Packages going through the mail can normally be tracked at http://www.usps.com/tracking and FedEx shipments can be tracked at http://www.fedex.com/tracking.

NOTE: Due to the Covid-19 Coronavirus, it is possible that customers may experience shipment delays. Packages going to most International destinations are generally routed to the US Postal Service International hub that is located in Jamaica, New York. From there, the packages are usually placed on board commercial airliners that fly to Europe, South America, Australia and Asia. Due to the global pandemic, many of the flights schedules were changed or in some cases cancelled. The significant reduction in passenger air travel led the US Postal Service to place many of the packages on ships, using sea transport in lieu of the lack of available commercial flights. We therefore recommend that customers choose FedEx if they must receive packages faster. If you have chosen to use the US Postal Service for First Class International Mail or Priority Mail International shipments, you can expect delays and limited tracking. Under the best of circumstances, the US Postal service has very limited tracking capabilities once packages leave the US mainland. FedEx provides much better worldwide tracking, however their costs may be significantly higher. It is up to the customer to choose their shipping method. If you are limited from being able to select FedEx to your location, contact us and we will be happy to check to find out if there is a way to use FedEx for your shipment.

How are the shipping charges calculated?

When you enter in your address information, the cart will analyze the weight of your order as well as the shipping location before it posts the rates online. Those rates come directly from the US Postal Service or Federal Express and the prices are displayed online during the shopping cart check-out process. The shipping total includes the $3.00 fulfillment fee, covering all package preparation, materials, package pick-up and shipment tracking logistics. We are able to pass along high volume shipping discounts that are offered through Federal Express.The shipping costs charged online directly reflect what we pay to ship the orders. We always look for ways to lower the shipping costs any way that we can and we will continue to pass any savings along to our customers.

How much will it cost to ship my order?

Click here for an example on how to determine the costs of your order (including shipping). Our shopping cart is designed so that you can select items and place them into your online shopping cart. The cart will calculate the shipping options and pricing based on the items being purchased in combination with the destination address. 

Can My Order be Expedited?

If you need for us to expedite a shipment, we recommend that you CONTACT US and use the words "Expedited Shipment" let us know that you have a time-critical order. While we can't guarantee same day shipping will occur, we do recommend that you contact us to let us know in advance of any urgency, and we will do whatever we can to assist.

Do You Ship to International Addresses?

YES! We ship mostly to customers within the United States, however we also ship daily to Canada, Australia, Europe and South America. If you would like to know the shipping cost to your location, we suggest that you pretend to place an order. You will be able to see all the shipping options and prices based on your actual shipping address. The online shopping cart determines the shipping costs based on the package weight and destination address. You do not have to worry about entering in a pretend order. In fact that is the best way to find out what the total costs might be for the items you want to order. Click here to see an example of how you can easily determine the shipping options and the shipment pricing for the items you might like to order. Your order will not be charged unless you actually submit a payment. Please keep in mind that Scan Sound, Inc. is not responsible for any government taxes, customs or duties fees imposed on the order shipments.

3rd-Party Shipments

If you want your order billed to a 3rd-party account number, there are two possible options available to you. 1). You can place your order online and then send us notification that you want the order shipped and billed to a 3rd-party account so that we can issue a partial refund. 2. You can contact us directly and arrange for payment and we will bill the appropriate amount when the order is shipped. Keep in mind that all items shipped are subject to a $3.00 per carton handling charge. The $3.00 fee is charged by the fulfillment company to cover the packaging materials, package preparation and shipment logistics services.

Customer Pick-up

Although Scan Sound does not have a storefront location, many customers in the South Florida area will ask if they can pick-up their order. Yes, you can CONTACT US and request to pick-up your order, however you will be responsible for paying a $3.00 fulfillment charge as described above. Let us know if you need to make special arrangements to pick-up your order. We will arrange to refund the difference of what you may have paid in postage charges and provide a map with directions to the fulfillment center.

Shipment Methods and Service Delays

Customers placing orders will select the type of shipping method that suits their preference, based on the shipping price and service delivery time frame. Shipment tracking information is automatically forwarded to the customer email address after their order has been prepared for shipment. We recommend that customers choose FedEx shipping for the most dependable package tracking and delivery. We also recommend that customers choose Express Shipping methods such as Express Mail, FedEx Priority, FedEx Standard or FedEx 2-Day service if the ordered items need to be expedited or delivered by a critical date. Please note that the US Postal Service does not guarantee 2-Day delivery for Priority Mail.  Most priority mail will generally arrive within 2 to 3 days depending on the best of circumstances; Deliveries can take longer during holiday periods or if severe weather disrupts mail transportation between Florida and your location. Keep in mind that FedEx Priority and Standard packages being shipped on Friday will typically be delivered on the following Monday. Please contact us before placing your order if you wish to pay additional fees for Saturday delivery.  Scan Sound, Inc. can not accept any responsibility for delays caused due to severe weather. If you did not receive the shipment tracking information, please contact us to request that we re-send your tracking information. Customers are encouraged to use the tracking number and go to http://www.fedex.com/tracking or http://www.usps.com/tracking to check the status of their package based on the selected carrier.

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