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Bulkhead BNC Connector

Bulkhead BNC Connector

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Bulkhead BNC connector • Part No. BA1087

  • These BNC bulkhead connectors are used on the MRI RF penetration panel

  • Used by Scan Sound MRI patient stereo sound system kits for audio

  • Requires drilling a 1/2 inch hole into the RF connector panel

  • If your MRI system does not have 2 spare BNC connectors, you can install these bulkhead connectors into an existing RF penetration panel

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Bulkhead BNC connector • Part No. BA1087

  • Bulkhead BNC double-female coaxial cable connector mounts into RF penetration panel
  • Used to connect coaxial cables to penetration panel so audio signals can be passed through into the MRI scan room

Typically, 2 Each of these Connectors are Needed for Each MRI Stereo System Installation. If your MRI System Does Not Have 2 Spare Connectors Like These, then you will need to Drill 2 Holes and Mount These BNC Double-Female Connectors on the RF Penetration Panel.

  • Maintains grounded shield integrity while passing audio signals into MRI scan room
  • Most MRI systems will have at least 2 spare connectors such as these
  • If your MRI scanner penetration panel does not have 2 spare connectors, you will need to install a pair yourself
  • Scan Sound offers these connectors as a convenience for those who are installing an MRI stereo system kit
  • Easily mounted by drilling two 1/2-inch diameter holes in the metal connector panel that is positioned between the computer room and scan-room

Here is a printable page showing our patient stereo sound system kit details and product options

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer No
Power Requirements No
Plug Type BNC Double Female, Nickel Plated
Audio-Source No
Includes No
Features No
Compatibility All MRI Scanners
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