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17mm Earbud-Sized Foam Earpads

17mm Earbud-Sized Foam Earpads

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Earbud-sized foam earpads 

  • These earbud size foam earpad cushions fit around the outside of most earbud style earphones

  • Thes are our 17mm size foam earpads, and they fit most earbud-style earbuds that about the size of a dime coin

  • Easily remove the sponge cushions on your earbuds

  • These earpads cover the earpiece and help to cushion the ear, improve comfort and help the earbuds to stay in the ear

  • The earphone earpads also help to improve the sound in the ear canal at the same time that they help to block out noise

  • Replacing the earpads will provide a clean way to share earphones among many different users

17mm Foam Earbuds Compared with Penny

17mm Earbud-Sized Foam Earpads, Bag of 100

  • Buy 5 for $21.95 each and save 13%
17mm Foam Earbuds Compared with Penny

17mm Earbud-Sized Foam Earpads, Bag of 20

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17mm Earbud-Sized Foam Earpads

Earbud-size foam earpads fits earbud style earphones

  • These earbuds have a 17mm size diameter (about the size of a dime coin) and will fit most standard size earbud earphones
  • These foam earpads can enable earbuds to be recycled and re-used repeatedly and then shared with multiple users
  • Frequently purchased by hotels, workout studios, churches, schools, museum tours, spas, and all kinds of educational institutions
  • Most earbud style earpads will pull right off and they are easily replaced so that the earbuds can be hygienically shared between multiple users
  • These earbuds are all packaged in plastic bags to eep the earphones fresh, clean and ready for use
  • Cellular foam material is black in color and they will fit most earpieces that have a curved face with rounded edges
  • Enables earbud users to share earphones, by replacing the foam sponge covers on a regular basis
  • Foam earpads help to cushion the headphones, making them much more comfortable
  • Foam cushions fit around the outside edge of earbud style headphones
  • Foam cushions fit around the outside edge of earbud style headphones and help the earbuds comfortably stay put in the ears
  • Foam earpads isolate outside noise and keep the earbud from falling out of your ears
  • Ear pad cushions considered as disposable earphone covers as they can be replaced for each individual earphone user, so earphones can be recyled and shared among many different users, while maintaining effective hygiene
  • Foam earpads do not contain any latex materials and they are hypoallergenic
  • Save a ton of money on disposable earphones by simply re-freshing high-quality earphones so they can be recycled and used by different users
  • Earpads are extremely popular for Dental offices, spas, education and training for multi-use earphones
  • We also offer hygienic headset and headphone covers that allow audio to pass  through, and inhibit the spread of germs, viruses, lice and contagion
Additional Information

Additional Information

Material Foam
Cover Quantity No
Earpiece Size in Inches 11/16 inch
Earpiece Size in mm 17mm
Packaging Reclosable bag
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