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Microphone Windscreen (32mm Inside Diameter x 65mm Inside Depth)

Microphone Windscreen (32mm Inside Diameter x 65mm Inside Depth)
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Microphone windscreen (32mm inside diameter x 65mm inside depth) • MIK-95

  • These microphone windscreen are designed to fit ball style broadcast and entertainment microphones

  • These foam covers help to reduce wind noise and microphone popping sounds and they will refresh the look of your microphones

  • Most frequently used by professional entertainers for ball style microphones

  • Flexible foam will fit onto a microphones that are about 32mm (1 1/4 inches) in diameter

  • The microphone will slide inside the windscreen, covering about 65mm (2 1/2 inches) of the microphone

  • These are frequently purchased by comics, singers and entertainers as their own personal windscreen to place on the microphones they use and share with other entertainers

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Microphone Windscreen, Black - Part No. MIK-95

Inside Diameter 1.260" 1 1/4 inches 32mm
Inside Depth 2.560" 2 1/2 inches 65mm
Overall Height 2.956" 3 inches 75mm
Overall Diameter 2.360" 2 3/8 inches 60mm
Color Black    
Quantity 1 per Poly Bag    
SKU No. WS-3562    
Sold in Sealed Bag      
  • Microphone Windscreens help to reduce wind noise and pop, giving speech a natural sound
  • Each order includes 1 individual microphone windscreen in a sealed polybag
  • This size Microphone Windscreen is most commonly used by singers and entertainers on ball style mikes
  • The ball microphones are the ones you usually see on pianos and entertainment microphones in clubs and restaurants
  • These foam windscreen fit onto microphones that are 32 mm, which is 1 1/4 inches in diameter
  • Replace the foam on your mike to give it a new refreshed look and keep it clean of dust, dirt and germs
  • Replace worn out foam coverings to freshen up your microphone
  • Replace the foam if you are sharing the microphone and you want to keep your own cover on the mike (often used by entertainers)
  • Reasonably priced windscreens are almost half the price charged by other companies
  • Easily remove your old microphone foam sponge cover and install a new Scan Sound windscreen
Additional Information

Additional Information

Inside Diameter 1 1/4 in (32 mm)
Inside Depth 2 1/2 in (65 mm)
Overall Height 3 in (75 mm)
Outside Diameter No
Color Black
Packaging 1 per bag
Compatibility No
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