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Microphone Windscreens (16mm Inside Diameter x 48mm Inside Depth), Bag of 2

Microphone Windscreens (16mm Inside Diameter x 48mm Inside Depth), Bag of 2
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Microphone windscreens (16mm inside diameter x 48mm inside depth), bag of 2 • Part No. HM-1648

Microphone Windscreens, Bag of 2, Sized for 16mm Diameter Microphones

  • These foam microphone windscreens help to reduce wind noise and microphone popping sounds

  • Most frequently used with microphones with a 5/8-inch diameter microphone (5/8-inch in at widest point) 

  • Replace aging, deteriorating foam windscreens

  • Make your old microphone look like new and improve the sound clarity

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Microphone Windscreen, Bag of 2, Black Color - Part No. HM-1648

Inside Diameter 0.625" 5/8 inch 16mm
Inside Depth 1.875" 1 7/8 inches 48mm
Overall Height 2.125" 2 1/8 inches 54mm
Overall Diameter 1.375" 1 3/8 inches 35mm
Color Black    
Quantity 2 per Poly Bag    
SKU No. HM-1648    
Sold in Pairs      

NOTE: These windscreens were originally supposed to be HM-1632 windscreens, however as it turned out, during the manufacturing, they made the inside depth 48mm instead of 32mm. The resulting windscreens have slightly less foam in the end tip when compared with our HM-1632. They will slide down slightly further to cover a bit more of the microphone. Many customers actually preferred that little bit of extra coverage. As a result, we have continued to offer these windscreens as our part number HM-1648.

  • Microphone windscreens help to reduce wind noise and pop, giving speech a natural sound
  • Each part no. HM-1648 contains 2 microphone windscreens in a zip-lock style poly bag
  • This size microphone windscreen is most commonly used with microphones that have a diameter of 5/8" inch
  • Foam windscreen fits microphones that have a 5/8" diameter thickness
  • There is 16mm of foam at the end of the windscreen to buffer wind noise
  • Replace the foam on your mike to give it a new refreshed look
  • Over time, many microphone foam coverings will become worn, and now you can replace the foam microphone cover with a new mic windscreen
  • Reasonably priced, you will get 2 windscreens per bag, for about the same as most sell 1 windscreen
  • Easily remove your old microphone foam sponge cover and install a new Scan Sound windscreen

Microphones compatible with the HM-1632 and HM-1648 Foam Windscreens:

AKG Microphone Windscreens
• C430, C451, C542, C460, C480, CK1, CK2, D109, D110
  Audio-Technica Microphones
• ATM75, Pro-37R
Audix Microphone Windscreens
• ADX-90, UEM-81
  Beyer Dynamic Microphone Windscreens 
• MC721, MC723, MD 801, MCD 805
DPA Microphone Windscreenss 
• 4003, 4006
  Electro-Voice Microphone Windscreens 
• 649 B
Schoeps Microphone Windscreens 
  Shure Brothers Microphone Windscreens 
• Beta 98D/S, 5705, 572, SM2, SM10A, SM11, SM12a, SM102, WH10, WH20
Windtech 1300 Series Microphone Windscreens    

For additional details and pictures of all the microphone windscreens view the downloadable files found at the bottom of this web page

Additional Information

Additional Information

Inside Diameter 5/8 in (16 mm)
Inside Depth 1.875 in (48 mm)
Overall Height 2 1/8 in (54 mm)
Outside Diameter 1 3/8 in (35 mm)
Color Black
Packaging 2 per bag
Compatibility No
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