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MRI Accessories

MRI Accessories

Scan Sound Offers Numerous MRI Products and Accessories

  • MRI Stereo Sound System Kits • Install an MRI sound system in any fMRI or MRI imaging facility
  • Create Your Own Custom MRI Stereo System
  • MRI Stereo System Accessories
  • MRI Stereo System Parts and Accessories
  • MRI Headphones • Our MRI headphones are MRI safe for use with most all MRI scanners
  • MRI Headphone Accessories • All the items that go with our MRI safe headphones
  • MRI Headphone Parts • All these parts can be used to keep the MRI headphones in peak condition
  • MRI Patient Comfort Products • These items can help patients to cope with claustrophobia and MRI scanner noise

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  1. MRI Music Converter Top View

    Patient Acoustic Interface • Part No. PAI

    • The patient acoustic interface is referred to simply by its abbreviation, "PAI"
    • Audio is sent into the scan room through the RF penetration panel, and connects to the PAI by way of two BNC connectors
    • The PAI white acrylic box has 2 internal transducers which convert the electronic signals into air driven audio
    • Patients inside the MRI scanner magnet bore tube use acoustic headphones that are made completely from plastic materials
      - The plastic material will not be attracted to the high magnetic fields
      - Additionally, the plastic materials will not be visible in the MRI scanned images
    • This same PAI is what we include with each of our sound system kits to drive the audio into the acoustic MRI headphones
    • Each PAI ordered will include a 10-foot length of twin vinyl tubing and a P-101 stethoscope style acoustic headphone
    • Click here for printable literature or scroll to the bottom of this web page to download the PDF file


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  2. Prism Glasses

    Prism Glasses • Part No. PG-100

    • Wearer Can lay back and see a TV at the foot of their bed or mounted on the wall
    • These prism glases have a metal hinge that is non-ferrous (made from nickel metal)
    • The glasses are safe for MRI use however the metal hinge may cause image distortion near the orbits
    • Glasses come packaged with a vinyl case and lens cleaning cloth
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  3. Model PG-200 Reverisble Prism Glasses

    Reversible-lens prism glasses • Part No. PG-200

    Deluxe Prism Glasses are Reversible and Made with Finest Optical Quality Prisms

    • These prism glasses can enable the person wearing the glasses to view towards their feet or by reversing the prisms, see the opposite direction
    • Patients lying in an MRI scanner can see outside the scanner, and this can help overcome claustrophobia
    • MRI patients can view a video screen or mural outside the scanner when positioned inside the scanner head first or feet first
    • The prisms can be slid out of the frame, flipped over, and then slid back into the frame to change the viewing direction
    • The prism glasses are made completely from plastic materials and optical quality glass prisms so the glasses are MRI safe
    • The exceptional optical quality prisms are great for fMRI studies and these glasses can be used in all MRI coils
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  4. BNC Video Noise Isolation Filter for MRI

    BNC video noise-blocking filter • Part No. BNC-VNBF

    • Designed to pass VIDEO while eliminating potential noise in MRI scans
    • This filter is installed outside the shielded MRI scan room
    • Connects using BNC connector on the outside of the RF penetration panel
    • Can be used with a video camera in the scan room to monitor patients
    • Internal transformer passes signals while isolating potential ground loops
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  5. Bulhead BNC Connector for RF Penetration Panel

    Bulkhead BNC connector • Part No. BA1087

    • These BNC bulkhead connectors are used on the MRI RF penetration panel
    • Used by Scan Sound MRI patient stereo sound system kits for audio
    • Requires drilling a 1/2 inch hole into the RF connector panel
    • If your MRI system does not have 2 spare BNC connectors, you can install these bulkhead connectors into an existing RF penetration panel
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  6. RFI Filtered BNC Insert

    RFI filtered BNC connector insert • Part No. FCBNC1

    • This filter insert can prevent noise artifacts from equipment such as intercoms, alert systems, audio equipment, MRI music systems, patient stereo sound systems, equipment used for monitoring patient vitals and equipment used for fMRI testing
    • The radio frequency interference filter insert is placed in series with coaxial cables on the computer room side of the RF penetration panel
    • Mounts on RF penetration panel BNC bulkhead connectors
    • Allows audio to pass through, while filtering out noise

    NOTE: For isolation of noise in VIDEO circuits, we recommend ordering our BNC Video Noise Blocking Filter.

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  7. Hearing protective earplugs are tapered

    Hearing protective earplugs, 200 bagged pairs • Part No. EP-200

    • Ear plugs are packaged in one large bag containing 400 individual ear plugs
    • Easily dispensed to users as needed
    • Provides an estimated 32dB in noise reduction
    • Comfortably fits in any size ear, and will size itself as it is inserted 
    • Hypoallergenic material (latex free)
    • Great for MRI patients, practice target shooting, shooting ranges and high noise industrial areas
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  8. Adapter Shown With Single Connector Port

    Acoustic headphone adapter with 2 meters of tubing for stereo acoustic pneumatic headphones • Part No. NRH-SYM

    • Many Siemens MRI units have a built in patient sound system that comes with a single mono headphone connector
    • If you want to use the Scan Sound headphones with the single plug port, you will need either our NRH-ADP or the NRH-SYM adapter
    • Both of these adapters accept the Scan Sound modular headphone plug
    • The NRH-SYM (shown here) is designed for MRI systems where the headphone connection is found near the foot of the patient table
    • The NRH-SYM adapter comes with 2 meters of vinyl tubing to allow the Scan Sound headphones to reach from the connector port all the way into the magnet
    • Our NRH-ADP model adapter is designed for MRI systems where the headphone connection is found on the side of the patient table close to the magnet entry area
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  9. NRH-ADP Adapter Shown with Siemens Headphone Plug

    Acoustic headphone adapter for stereo acoustic pneumatic headphones: Part No. NRH-ADP

    • Many Siemens MRI units have a built in patient sound system that comes with a single mono headphone connector
    • If you want to use the Scan Sound headphones with this kind of single tube style port, you will need to use either our NRH-ADP or NRH-SYM adapter
    • Both of these adapters will connect to the single-tube headphone port and split the sound going to each of the Scan Sound headphones
    • Our NRH-ADP model adapter is designed to attach to the headphone port that is located up close to the magnet entry area on the side of the patient table
    • We also offer an NRH-SYM adapter that comes with 2 meters of vinyl tubing so it can reach from the foot of the bed and extend far enough to reach the MRI headphones inside the magnet
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  10. Large size headset covers fit onto Bose Headphones

    Large Sanitary Disposable Headphone Covers (White), Bag of 100 (Covers) • SS-2-100

    • These white disposable headphone covers fit 3 inch to 5 inch diameter earpieces
    • The soft material rests against the ear, shielding users from touching the cushions
    • Enables many different users to share the same headphones without worry of sharing germs, lice and bacteria from other headphone users
    • The covers are hypoallergenic and latex free and freely allow all audio to pass through
    • The disposable covers also help preserve the headphone cushions and keep them clean
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