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MRI-Safe Hearing Protective Earmuffs

MRI-Safe Hearing Protective Earmuffs

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MRI-Safe Hearing Protective Earmuffs • Part No. HP-66

  • These earmuffs are very effective in reducing the high levels of noise produced by MRI systems

  • They help to protect MRI patients from hearing damage

  • We recommend combining our hearing protective ear plugs with our hearing protective ear muffs to achieve the most noise reduction

  • These earmuffs have an adjustable headband and are quite comfortable to wear

  • Each padded earpiece contains 2 layers of cellular foam to absorb additional noise

  • Earmuff is "MRI Safe", totally free of any metal components and they are safe for use in any MRI scanning procedures

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MRI-Safe Hearing Protective Earmuffs • Part No. HP-66

Earmuffs Protect MRI Patient Hearing and Reduces MRI Scanning Noise

Noise Reduction Rating of -20 dB

  • Earmuffs are made completely of plastic and composite materials that are invisible to MRI scanners
  • Helps to quiet the MRI gradient knocking sounds for patients who have trouble with noise
  • Excessive noise can be harmful, cause anxiety and may lead to hearing loss
  • These earmuffs can calm MRI patients and less motion translates to better scan image quality
  • Inert to the MRI scan and will not produce any MRI artifacts
  • Can be used with the scan sound sanitary stretch headphone covers to provide total hygiene between earmuff users
  • MRI patients will especially appreciate your going out of your way to provide comfort from the medical imaging sound made by your MRI scanner
  • Adjustable headband and extremely soft ear pads improve overall comfort
  • Earmuffs are Made Completely of Plastic and Composite Materials that are Invisible to MRI Scanners

Many patients purchase our "MRI Safe" earmuffs because they can be sure that they will be accepted for use at any MRI facility. Many MRI scanning facilities purchased our earmuffs for patient comfort and hearing protection. Additionally, they also purchase our large size stretchable headphone covers to provide a sanitary barrier and optimal hygiene between patients.

Here is a printable page showing our patient stereo sound system kit details and product options

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Additional Information

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