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Payment Options

Online Orders

Customers will typically view the online products before selecting each of the items they want to purchase. It is very easy to determine the total cost of the order without entering any personal information or making any payment commitment. The cart will display the product costs and show a sub-total. If you enter in your location information, it will calculate the estimated shipping costs and any applicable sales taxes. Customers can review their order total and decide at that point whether to move forward with making a payment. If the customer is ready to make their purchase, they can proceed to the checkout and complete their payment using various different methods. Most customers will pay with a credit card, PayPal or Amazon payment account. Customers with a pre-approved account can elect to pay using a purchase order method.

Credit Card Payments

Customers selecting the credit card payment option will be redirected to a secure Authorize.net web page. All entered payment information goes only to Authorize.net, so none of the provided credit card information can be accessed by Scan Sound or any of its employees. Scan Sound follows strict credit card standards, adhering to the credit card industry's PCI compliance guidelines. Authorize.net is a well known as a highly trusted payment gateway provider. Customers will see the https:// prefix in their browser window along with a green padlock symbol, indicating that the page is totally secure and all entered personal data is protected by SSL secure encryption.

PayPal Payment

Customers making an online payment can choose to make their payment using PayPal. In fact, PayPal Express buttons can be found on every product page. The product quantity is chosen and then after clicking on the PayPal button it will allow you to continue shopping or proceed to the checkout. All customers can use PayPal for payment whether they have a PayPal account or not. PayPal allows "guest" users to make a credit card payment. This is an excellent alternative method for any customers who wish to pay for their order using a credit card. Those individuals who have a PayPal account already know that PayPal shields the payment information from the eCommerce seller. Many International customers prefer the PayPal payment system, because it can settle their payments in their own language and local currency.

Payment by Amazon

Amazon customers will truly appreciate that they can select any of the items on the scansound.com web shopping cart and make payment using their Amazon account. This is a very quick and easy method for making an online payment, especially for those who already have an existing Amazon account.

Check or Money Order

Our shopping cart will enable customers to place an order online and pay using a check or money order. The customer selects the “Check or Money Order” payment option and after going through the checkout process, their order will be automatically placed on hold. The customer will then be directed to mail in their check or money order to the following address:

          Scan Sound, Inc.
          265 S. Federal Hwy., Unit 163
          Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

When the deposited check has cleared, the order will be shipped out to the customer.

Bill Me Later - Purchase Order

Customers can establish an account with Scan Sound so that they can place orders with Net-30 payment terms. Customers should complete a customer account application if they wish to set up an account with Scan Sound. The customer account application form can be downloaded by CLICKING HERE. Approved customers may place their order online and select the purchase order payment option. Following entry of their order online, the order is shipped, the customer receives their invoice by email and payment is due with 30-day payment terms. Scan Sound accepts purchase orders from many hotels, schools, hospitals, imaging centers, medical offices, dental facilities and government agencies. Scan Sound can also accept purchase orders from approved customers that send in their purchase order by email or fax.

Bank Wire Transfers

Many customers will request a formal quotation or invoice so that they can arrange for payment using a Bank Wire Transfer. If you wish to obtain a formal quotation from Scan Sound we recommend that you CONTACT US online and provide explicit details of your order, including a list of the desired items and quantity desired. In order to create a quote or invoice, we will need your complete shipping address, your full name and your email address. Scan Sound will prepare the requested quotation or invoice and send it to you along with instructions for making the Bank Wire Transfer. All Bank Wire transfer payments must be made in full, payable in US Dollars. Any intermediary bank transfer fees must be paid by the sender’s account so that Scan Sound receives the total invoice amount.

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