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Create a Quote

If you would like to create a quotation or determine the cost of ordering some item(s) online, here are a few simple steps that you can complete on your own. These steps will allow you to view the total amount of an order and you can do this without making a purchase commitment.

  1. Select the quantity desired and add the items to the cart
  2. Click on Go to Cart
  3. Enter in your Country, State, City and Zip Code, then click ESTIMATE
  4. Choose a shipping method and then click Update Total
  5. Review the total amount and print the page if you want a copy of the quote
  6. When you are ready, you can proceed with your purchase

Step 1: Select the Quantity and Add the Items to the Shopping Cart

View the items online that are of interest. There is a quantity field where you can enter in the number of the items you want to order (as shown below inside the red square).
Add an item to the shopping cart

As you can see above, we added 2 each of the MXP-S2 earphones.  Click on the blue colored ADD TO CART button as shown in the above photo. This will place the items into the virtual "online" shopping cart. This step is the equivalent to placing items into your shopping cart while you are still browsing around at your local store.

Step 2: Go to the Shopping Cart

After you click on the blue ADD TO CART button, a message will appear on the screen saying "Adding Product to Cart" as shown below:

Click on Go to Cart Click on Button that says GO TO CART

This dialog box will show that you can Keep on Shopping, or Go to Cart. If you click on the Keep on Shopping button. it will allow you to continue browsing the store so you can continue adding items to the shopping cart.


Step 3: Enter in Your Country, State, City and Zip Code (Postal Code)

After clicking on the Go to Cart button, it will take you to the next step in the checkout process. This is equivalent to taking your items to the register, and asking for a total before you place an order.

Enter in your Country, State, City and Zip Code

Here you will see a box appear with the title saying ESTIMATE SHIPPING AND TAX. In this box, you will want to enter in your Country and State (or Province) using the drop-down fields. You will have to type in your City and Zip (or Postal Code). Once all the information is filled in, click on the blue ESTIMATE link text button, as shown in the bottom right corner.


Step 4: Display the Shipping Options

Click on the ESTIMATE link
The shopping cart will analyze your location and Zip Code and use the combined weight of the items in your shopping cart. It will display all the shipping methods and prices. Select one of these shipping options based on the delivery time frame and pricing that suits your particular needs.

Shipments going to customers in Florida are usually delivered in one business day if they are shipped by FedEx Ground. Parcels going by First Class Mail to most major US Cities will deliver in 3 to 4 days and Priority Mail will deliver in 2 to 3 days.

Once you have selected one of the shipping methods, click on the blue button that says UPDATE TOTAL. The cart will total the cost of the selected items, any sales tax and the method of shipping, then display the grand total for your review.


Step 5: Choose the Method of Shipment from the Options Displayed

Here is an example of the earphones we selected, being shipped to Homewood, Alabama with Zip Code 35209.
Click on a shipping method and Update Total
As you can see, it displays the selected shipping method. You can see the selected method has a blue dot in the box of the chosen shipping method.

Below it will display the total amount, similar to what you see in the graphic shown here on the left side of this page.

As you can see, it shows the location and Zip Code at the top, the shipping method you chose below that, and at the bottom section it displays the grand total with tax and shipping included.

For those of you looking only to create a quotation, you could theoretically just print out this page and pass it on to get the purchase approval.

Those placing their order with a PO should select a FedEx shipping option. Typically FedEx Ground is used because FedEx provides real-time package tracking and a delivery signature confirmation.

Keep in mind that if your order is delayed, the shipping cost could change by the time you actually place your order. Although this does not happen very often, you need to keep in mind that the shipping rates are calculated by each of the various shipping carriers at the time that the order is placed.

When you are ready to actually place your order you can come back and continue placing your order.

If you left the web site for a couple of hours (or days) and then returned, you can click on the shopping cart icon that is located at the top right corner of any of the shopping cart web pages. You may find that your browser can still display the items in your cart and allow you to proceed to the checkout. If the items are no longer in the cart, you will have to repeat steps 1 through 5 above.

Step 6: Complete Your Online Purchase

If you are ready at this point, you can complete your purchase by clicking on the blue button that says PROCEED TO CHECKOUT. A form will appear allowing you to enter in your shipping and billing address. At that time, it will allow you to log-in (if you are a registered user) or create your registration. Then you will be able to complete the payment by credit card, check or money order, purchase order, PayPal or Pay with Amazon. After you have completed the payment phase, you will receive an email with a receipt, showing the items were purchased, and the fulfillment company can then pick, pack and ship out your order.

NOTE: You can use the yellow PayPal and Amazon payment buttons instead of the PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button. Customers with an existing PayPal or Amazon account will enter in their user data, bypassing many steps in the shopping cart, speeding up the checkout and payment processes.


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